Talks needed “Youtube blocked in Pakistan”

It is blocked by the government, after ”Innocence of Muslims” showed up on it, at till some certain extend Government did what it could to ban and block anti islam sites, where as a little technique or trick opens any blocked / banned site, Bypassing via proxy sites ” Alternate redirecting sites on the world wide web, However it is accessible than what this is all about ?

If there is something Government needs to settle up with Google ” virtual Super power” than why aren’t we hearing any further progress in such regards, Personally I access via proxy where as many other like me has learnt not just how to access YouTube but other banned / blocked sites, which is a moment to get worried, Alternative sites gives full access easily where as government should have banned ” Cross over by passing web sites too”. When are going to hear from government taking initiatives regarding this! No matter its pornography or anti religious sites all are being access, I don’t see how keeping YouTube blocked working effectively.

I must mention to you all, that when government took this step I was in favor of it and constantly I been hunting those sites and sending to PTA to block and ban after reviewing specially anti religion and pornographic but YouTube issue should be considered which needs to be resolved, the whole issue is because Google’s policies if one has reviewed, like this neither The Pakistani Government is successful in keeping unwanted sites away by blocking Youtube but without further discussion with Google’s policy regarding anti religious activity off YouTube the whole issue going to get more complicated, perhaps Talks, should be in the interest of the people.

By blocking it, people are daily learning from Google search engine especially” how to access blocked web site” we all can review Google insight where it clearly shows that pakistanis are not only able to access YouTube but other banned blocked sites, it’s worrying me because youth is not learning something I call “smart” but on a long they are not favorable at all.

Only useful solution is to restore YouTube as soon as possible and ban all alternate ready made sites to redirect / bypass via proxy URLs.

Pakistan cannot ban or block all Google services if talks failed because, it is being used by almost everyone, from smart phones to e businessing ! There is no alternate the longer block continues increase illegal activities which could be real damage in physical world rather than virtual, Talks needed .


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