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The harsh reality of acid attacks on women

In the name of honour, hundreds of women folk every year from as young as the age of 10 are prone to this violence in across most underdeveloped or educationally deprived places, which are heavily influenced by culture and pride more than religion and humanity.

Statistics show that the attacks are most common in Cambodia, Afghanistan,India , Bangladesh and Pakistan.

Acid attacks, or acid throwing is a form of a violent assault with the intention of injuring or disfiguring people and provoked by jealousy and revenge. The perpetrators throw the chemical on the body of the victim and are most likely to aim for the face, causing burns and disfiguring of the facial features which can lead to blindness and permanent scarring of the face and body. This chemical is severely dangerous as it rapidly eats away the skin, the layer of fat beneath and sometimes even the bone.

In Kashmir this year, the parents of a 15-year old Anusha were accused of dousing their daughter in acid who soon died later after she arrived in hospital two days after the attack with almost 70 percent burns.

A beauty salon owner Masarrat Misbah who runs Lahores depilex beauty salon chain took up the cause for caring and rehabilitating  the victims through the smile again foundation. After the hospital , the NGO takes over and arranges for further surgery as well as looking after their welfare. Mrs Misbah has also employed eight victims to work in the salons she owns.

Even though the world media portray this act to be associated or influenced by Islam, I can assure you that this is a misconception as even the Prophet of Islam did not teach this or even lift a single finger or speak in a loud voice towards his slave, never mind even his own wives. This is an issue associated with the mentality of people who are mostly illiterate with hard hearts and lack of self control, who do not know how to channel their negative energy such as anger and see violence as a solution to domestic problems.

This is a sick act of violence, and in my case as bad as murder as this can ruin a persons life physically and emotionally.

This must stop!

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