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The Satanic Code : Forbidden Knowledge

I been doing some searching on the net over long while regarding Black Magic and other ways which are forbidden, after I downloaded some books my doubt was clear, that knowing future being in the past is not impossible, perhaps no religion allows to know this forbidden knowledge. First i thought i is based on numerology or astrology but I was wrong it has nothing to do with both instead it’s all coming from Satanic knowledge.

on the Internet it is not easy to search and find out how to know your future or how to keep one’s attention where you want not only this but if anything has been stolen how to recover stolen thing, sounds interesting but trust me no matter you are Jew, Christian, Muslim or any other faith you don’t want to try the methods told, here I wanted to clear few things, apart from what else I found and got to know, Salt plays a major role as well as meditation, here I am not being superstitious but there is a logic behind each and everything written even some of us may want to try if their faith is not strong, thou personally I wouldn’t suggest you too.

It is not just Asia but as I searched I was shocked to find out not only ordinary people but it was even used for Battles and Wars like in World War II, Hitler and present time United States believes in Satanic Code. There are days and dates mentioned ” people those who are born on specific dates and days ” what type of situation/crisis are they going to face in life and how to know who will you get married too. Strange thing which I noticed that charity is also plays the part, even spells and omen good or bad in both charity is must. There is no where told or mentioned anything related to calculation or mathematics. In Satanic code no where mentioned nor anything against any religion even before start knowing this, it is clearly mentioned that It will surely do as you please in this life, but here after you will be a friend of  the fire. Least I think those who don’t believe in God, this thing assures that there is life after death, It’s a forbidden knowledge and sacred too before this I had an experience of reading The Satanic Bible which was not interesting at all, infact it was more against Jesus Christ ( Anti Christ )  But now I have no doubt about the casting a spell and black magic exists in real and people do such thing which are mind freaking , dirty and

I don’t want to publish it , rest I would suggest you to avoid reading and knowing such knowledge because I cannot imagine what will be consequences for those who does and make things turn just  as they want, one thing before I end up when the book itself has the title ” Forbidden Knowledge ” isn’t that enough to understand !

By Farhan Imaan