The Uncertain Future of Pakistan

The way situation is in the country today, It won’t be wrong to say chaos everywhere currently the people of Pakistan are expecting changes by the General Elections in March 2013 as expected, while we are focusing on domestic issues which are indeed all messed up no doubt, I am looking at Pakistan from Google Earth and wondering what if there be a War in Iran led by Israel in 2013 than what?

Pakistan is already having conflicts, Afghan Talibans and TTP ( Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan) where as there has been multiple reports of retaliation exchange of fires between Pakistan and Indian forces on LoC ( Line Of Control ) Kashmir issue is still there as it was no progress so far, but tough statements been given by India as well in respond from Pakistan too, Siachen and Sir Creek disputes needs to be resolved between both countries instead of Tomatos and onions exchange, Indus water treaty violation by India hasn’t been resolved either, keeping all this in view there is another corner where Pakistan having huge big issue in Tribal Areas ( North and South Waziristan specially ) now this is my projection I don’t know how it would be in reality but as I have observed and understand that Israel is constantly willing to led war with Iran and so does Iran hasn’t shown any flexibility in Nuclear program at all. If Iran-Israel War started in 2013 or 2014 where would Pakistan Stand, this is the question worries me, already sectarian violence out raged across country where pin pointed Shia are being targeted and still no positive results I’ve seen no matter its somewhere else in Pakistan or my home town Karachi, daily body count keeping figures high. In this condition if the War takes place, Afghanistan ( Taliban ) and TTP are both against Shias means they will not be a help at all, but instead of a help would be a threat, which means entire border with Afghanistan Pakistan Army needing to restrict them till there and Tribal Areas would be cover else there is no way to stop them by entering and taking advantage of this War, let’s say Pakistan Stands along with Iran in this war since already Pakistan is against Israel never had good image publicly, How Pakistan will tackle with NATO and United States which are surely going to be anti-Iran and supporters of Israel.

Iran and India has good relations so far but when it comes to War with Israel India has its own reservation with Israel too, now this contradiction is really complicated, If Pakistan stands with Iran would it be able to keep up with Nato and United States, if not like the past ” Are you with us or Against us? “ Question might repeat again, Afghanistan , Iran and Indian LoC 3 Major Boderlines to be secured, can we resolve it politically I doubt No! this is where Pakistan Army plays a major rule since our arch rival is also willing to get Azad Kashmir back politics seems to weak on the negotiation table how many country Pakistan going to negotiate with NATO Countries, Anti-Iran, United States at once.

Time to test the friendship on full throttle, China and Russia, China supports Pakistan and Russia to Iran, Now here almost all countries are Nuclear well equipped and knows what are the consequences if such step taken by any, this escalation could bring the end of the world, People need to think domestic political conflicts are more important or the external threats to the sovereignty. My whole point is such situation wouldn’t be a surprise to me at all because already Karachi shows how civilized way of war can be, at this moment i am not getting further in details about how my city is but people are scared to even come over here even to visit, another victim city is Peshawar which has it’s own history of suicide attacks and killings keeping both corners, I am wondering how politically, resolve issues without the unity? No way !

People need to open their eyes before it’s too late, it is the matter of the generations ahead, these sectarian violence are not what people want nor interested in but each one killed is infact one of us, Pakistanis no matter they are shia or sunni, worker of political party,leader even unidentified one, The Government has failed to provide safety and security, what could be more than this which we have witnessed in previous 5 to 7 years, Marriot Blast in Islamabad showed a huge Truck filled with explosive blown off entire Marriot Hotel was one the worst in the history, Drones are completely another chapter how many things are we expecting next government to fix, external, internal, economical, Strategical geographical, threats issues all at once, trust me we need miracle here not the government, this media in which has 2 faced 100s of journalists tagged well insulted and still switching and jumping from one channel to another, Who made CoC and Contract really needs to get admitted in Mental hospital, for torturing, It’s like they won’t let this nation live with peace without showing their miserable faces and unwatned same type of talk shows, which starts and ends on nothing but ” Now we’ll take a short break, we’re gonna continue, right after even when your dead “ Still I don’t how many years have to bare these faces of death on screen, personally I prefer to watch Cartoons the real ones but these Current affair long term torture nightmares, anyways ! back to the topic If i ask you what could bring Unity prosperity harmony peace in the region? what would be your answer let me know because you are just like me, Pakistani first, The War is already home we are being pin pointed least once a week and targeted killed daily, if this is not a war than are we waiting to hear the siren and run in bunkers like 60s and 70s stop dreaming this time you won’t even get a chance to reach out anywhere first thing would be Mobile service off by Rehman Malik ! lol .

This entire region has a very bad war history even before Alexander The Great. I hope and pray to Almighty Allah that it shouldn’t be as the I expected at all, but somehow we need to uplift our spirits and fix our country by being only Pakistanis under one flag else,history hasn’t left a single headline which shocks us anymore.

May Allah Bless Pakistan !

Written : December , 2011

Farhan Imaan F.Abro

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