Undeniable Proof of Imran Khan’s Allegation on Jang and Geo Network !

Among various battles Geo is facing for its shenanigans, PTI’s Chairman Imran Khan‘s accusation of Geo and Jang Media group running foreign-funded media campaigns has stirred up a storm in Pakistani political and media scenario. Although in response to these allegations, Geo has defiantly asked for the basis of these claims – but the Proof already exists out here!

Documents proving Imran Khan’s position regarding Jang & Geo TV Network’s fishy attitude related to foreign funding worth more than £4.6 million!

Geo Network’s official response asking for proof is ridiculously baseless; as substantial proof already exists!


Geo Network has also been accused of running a foreign funded media campaign, catering to the interest of foreign powers while simultaneously projecting a negative side of Pakistan. Once again, Imran Khan, looking out for Pakistan’s best interests, questioned the integrity of Geo Group’s intentions, but as mentioned above, the slippery media giant denied all involvement, and retorted that there was no proof to support this claim. However, substantial proof has surfaced which confirms as per the deal between DFID and MKRF, Jang group, under the cover of MKRF, had to receive a total Accountable Grant of £6.9 million from January 2011 to January 2014. The British government had supplied £4.6 million to Mir Khalil ur Rahman Foundation as per this document available online on British Parliament official website dated 20 November 2013.



MKRF Foreign funded proved by British Parliament.pdf by Sarzameen


Similarly, it has successfully been proved that Geo Network was involved in tax evasion of Rs. 6 Billion against FBR. Secondly, there was also a tax fraud of Rs. 1 Billion against Sindh Revenue Board. Geo Network’s officials conveniently denied this, but there was definitive proof of their guilt, as Geo Network’s unsettled loan liability is quite evident in the books of National Bank of Pakistan. Similarly, Geo Network was also guilty of a loan default of Rs 1.7 Billion to National Bank of Pakistan.





The leaked Document is from Mir Khalil ur Rahman Foundation (the governing NGO of Jang / Geo Group). This document was submitted to the Bureau 0f Democracy, Human Rights and Labor (DRL), United States Department of State on 30th June 2013, asking for a “grant” for their upcoming campaign “Access to Justice: Media Campaign “. In the leaked document, MKRF foundation “offers their services” for running different campaigns in Pakistan. Ironically, campaign against Islamic laws (Hudood ordinance) and foreign funded Aman Ki Asha are the most proudly owned and presented in this document.




Ironically, despite badmouthing Imran Khan and PTI for the allegations, GEO and Jang Group has never denied the existence of these documented proofs! These documents serve as a stamp of authentication to PTI Chairman, Imran Khan being right all along about Geo Network’s multiple misdemeanors and for his troubles of looking out for Pakistan’s well-being, for which he became the subject of personal attacks by Geo officials. These aforementioned accusations are now supported by evidence, and whether Geo Network and Mir Shakil ur Rahman admit to the truth or not, we the public of Pakistan have rejected these traitors for good. As for Imran Khan, he deserves a formal apology and a medal of honor for standing up to the media-mafia Geo Network!

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