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Virtual Warfare

It was the first time in the history when Israel launched operation Pillar of Defense Operation against Gaza last month in November  the anonymous Cyber Army warned about cyber attacks to Israeli Government over the internet to interrupt and smashed their economy which resulted huge loss several sites were hacked including Citibank, Coca cola, Google, Bing and many other giant companies websites were hacked day after another even the Israeli Government websites were hacked it was the beginning of the new virtual warfare.

Citibank site was not just hacked but even billions of dollars were missing from it which were switching accounts every minute from one end of the world to another finally resulted 6 billions US Dollars Robbed and cashed God knows where. The economically Israel had a tough time while bombing Gaza due to Anonymous Cyber Force, first of its kind which battled with Israel virtually and defeated badly.

This shows clearly that Virtual Battle Fields in the future will play major roles in actual wars which could even hack satellites even Nuclear protocols if so than it is the moment of worry for the super power United States and Israel specially, These Highly powerful in military and financially looses when it comes on their own hand-made creation Computer.

Back in 90s Hackers were different they were hacking more with tricks nowadays its like Si Fi Movie anything is possible, since United States as well as Israel like other modern countries has Cyber Force ( firewalls, protocols ) sounds unrealistic but daily threats Cyber Department face such challenges infact viruses aren’t the way they used to be before now they are smart enough to be undetected and cause hardware damage too.

Let’s say this is how the future would be, Virtually powerful and physically moderate when it comes to Wars, Force like anonymous are totally unknown neither they are at one place nor they are accessing from same way, which makes a perfect sense that they can hack any system once they all gather without giving a time to be detected, How safe Nuclear arsenal are? President Obama’s Brief case which has Nuclear launch code, does it has enough secure encryption or in the future briefcase will remain closed and nukes are on their destination.

What i have personally noticed internet has been narrowed down as the way it used to be information highway never ending story now some or the other way you end up seeing same Facebook links likes, Google, Bing, Wiki, Twitter in actual this is not the way i was expecting internet to be smarter and faster but when i use Skype even now it reminds me of year 2ooo Yahoo Video Chat which was slower but same type of interaction, where as  i expecting add ons and plugs-ins to make it more entertaining still Skype represent same old fashion video chat without other features.

Why softwares weren’t enhanced i am sure government and this internet giant superpower like Google , Yahoo , Hotmail , Facebook , Twitter etc.. must have had got the warning from Authorities not to give something more User deadly softwares. despite all the facts and figures I would say one thing that Force like anonymous are clearly Ghosts for the Governments in the future battles, because Modern War Lords would be on Computer instead of Gun, Gamer would be deadlier.

Farhan Imaan