Wake up before it’s too late – Shias & Sunnis are Muslims

There’s a question rising in everyone’s mind is it Shia Genocide ! well my answer is, it’s The Genocide of entire Humanity, who’s making difference in Pakistanis now after 67 years ? specially Muslims last year it was Minorities this year again its Sunni and Shia, what difference does it makes.

HolyQuranLet me ask you simple question, Shia’s and Sunni’s both don’t follow Prophet Muhammad ( S.A.W ) , The Holy Quran isn’t their Holy Book? Of Is there anyone who says there is a difference in Allah? than why media persons are asking this stupid question Shia Genocide. are you blind Pakistan is being destroyed by the elements which Intelligence and Army should have taken care of long back.

How about this, We are Muslims , Pakistanis and we are demanding Justice for the supreme court of Pakistan Hazara Community brutally been murdered not just this time when they are sitting next to their love ones dead bodies seeking for justice but before that too.

Karachi Genocide is Karachi Killings why don’t we separate  Karachi Shia killings and Karachi Sunni Killings and Karachi Hindus killing ! Nonsense, Murder of One is the Murder of entire Humanity This is what Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) Said do we need to recall , remember or debate on it.

Be reasonable and realistic, Media isn’t paying proper attention since these Dharna’s aren’t getting much ratings and not generating revenue.

AllahI am Thankful of Allah that I Fear Him only and as Independent Journalist I have Guts to speak up and aware my people, I am not interested in Politics or being FAMOUS on Television do the Make up and sit like an idiot represent my self as Talk of the Town. I am way better where I am and how I am.

All I request to all my brothers and sisters to wake up, Speak Up, feel others pain what is happening there could happen to anyone of us, are we going to stay silent, are we dead? what is it media which aware us else we are mindless creatures, Mind sets the minds of masses and controls them the way they want to please if you are interested about knowing MEDIA read my other posts they are here and if you have any question ASK ME FEEL FREE !

This Time Pakistan needs us as much we need Pakistan, if we let it do we are about to repeat the mistake of yesterday 1971, Government has kept you in disguise about Baluchistan and These Killings will continue on, DEMAND JUSTICE from the SUPREME COURT OF PAKISTAN.


Pakistan belongs to us not to these FEW elected timely seated Ministers and Presidents they come and go ( THEY SIMPLY VANISH ) we are here to stay we want justice we demand justice we are Pakistanis and we are not Shia not Sunni but we are Muslims and we want Pakistan Army to Take over Quetta and Karachi to secure. how long and much is enough !

Open your eyes, Raise your voice Get united else we are losing the ground these monsters around us are in every shape you can think of, only Unity can make us solid than You and I will see who dares to break us apart !

Long Live Pakistan 

Farhan Imaan


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