Finally Waqar Zaka comes up with the complete story of Burma, The Act of Bravery and Passion to help others, Waqar Zaka stands as the First Pakistani and only reach NO GO areas of BURMA.

Living on the edge Guy Salute to you, Hats off ! No doubt he has proven that Pakistanis are among the most daring people, He’s the Real Hero.

In General, among the ordinary Pakistani The Perception about Waqar Zaka has changed specially on the social network after witnessing ” Beyond the Enemies Lines ” Dare he accepted, which he describe as ” It was me and My faith on my creator, made me do this ” – Zaka says.

 This Video will clear your confusions about me being in Specific areas of Burma.

Waqar Zaka Complete Story from Myanmar BURMA by incpak
Lots of people don’t know the story complete of Myanmar ( Burma ) What exactly happened there, Why Muslims are being Prosecuted and Slaughtered, This Video by Waqar Zaka explains everything in simple way.

 Various Pakistani Celebrities acted weirdly on visit to Burma, criticizing Zaka but how easy it is to update your Facebook Status say anything you want from the comfort of your home or maybe Turkey explains it much better. Specially when you have tons of fans fellowing not realizing the danger and the dare, which is pure act of bravery he puts himself alone just to Make all Pakistanis Proud.

INCPak previously highlighted his story Waqar Zaka in Burma  and the troubles he faced other there.

Some of the comments on the video on facebook

Naushar Nasarulla Salute to u Waqar Bhai…I am an Indian Muslim…and i salute you on behalf of my all hindu christian and Muslim brothers in India for your kind and courageous act for the sake of humanity in Burma…. Waqar Zaka . 

Muzaffar Hussain Waqar hats off to you bro you have done more then you could. May Allah bless you. Our goverments are doing nothing no muslim country is supporting them and you did what nobody could have imagined. Haters gonna hate Waqar ain’t gonna stop. Lots of love and prayers for you.. smile emoticon.

Zubair Anwar I’ve seen a lot of people who spoke about burma…and they just spoke. And you are a first pakistani who have done such a brave act. You are really a daring man… no doubt….. , It is called humanity how you have put your life into danger to help the muslims of burma…. I can’t explain my feelings about you. like emoticon.

Adnan Saleem It was a great effort…takes a lot to do such kind a act of bravery and kindness…after watching the Documentary i must say it was more #waqarZakaDaringPersonand less about rohingya Muslims there was also some chawlian like #clubNight comparison to this act.

Video Credits :- Goes to Waqar Zaka and the people who helped him out.

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