Waqar Zaka in Myanmar Burma – Help or Hack Pakistanis

He is not the favorite among the majority, He isn’t seeking out for some fame this time but to help stranded Muslims in Myanmar ( Burma) , Waqar Zaka happens to be only individual from Pakistan who has reached out there to help Poor Muslims.

What he went through he shared in his video on the social network, but instead of positive response, Some people are trying to hack his Gmail account, even reporting his posts on Facebook which, Facebook removed. This is absurd !

Waqar Zaka Facebook removed Waqar Zaka’s post 

I am not a big fan of Waqar Zaka, but I support him for the cause he has stood up for, Muslims are being slaughtered in Myanmar ( Burma ) and nobody seems to be worried about them. He went over there to help out as much as possible, his stay won’t be long so he urged on social media for the donation for wasted and wounded Muslims out there. Although there are there are several people supporting him for what he is doing, but unfortunately there are some which trying to ruin up, being a Muslim that is  a ” Shameful act “ .

Waqar Zaka

Trying to hack Gmail account, by sending Fake Donation URL 

It’s sad, People have no ethics and moral, that’s for sure, Waqar Zaka is being transparent with everyone but people are mingling and think he is in Burma to make money, well dear nobody has to put his life on the line to earn like this, I don’t think he’ll become next Bill Gates after this donation. The story don’t ends here, One other fella tried to mess up with Bank Account.

Waqar Zaka

There’s a bright side of the story as well, There are people those who are sending him via Western Union and he is sharing snaps of receiving receipts.

Waqar Zaka

Waqar Zaka in Burma by f816077379

Just send your donation at “Waqar Zaka” Waqar Zaka 10520081001917010 ( Account Number of Current Account)Bank Al Habib Gizri Branch karachiPK28BAHL1053008100191701 (IBAN ) Many said I wont be able to , BUT , HERE I AM , IN BURMA Going to Arakan state, currently in Yangon, Burma ,here is how you can give zakat directly to the poor Muslims in Burma #dareforacause

Posted by Waqar Zaka on Monday, June 15, 2015

To Those who are against Waqar Zaka, It’s a matter of helping poor muslims over there in Myanmar ( Burma ), If you are not good enough to stand along with him least don’t be a hurdle as being against him for this cause, Support him , help him don’t hack him  Pakistanis.

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