INCPak proudly announces ” INCPak Youtube Crash Course 6th Batch, starting from 5th September 2015 “. Al-ḥamdu lillāh we’ve been successful in empowering Youth and motivate them to earn online. We began this journey in June 2015 and our 1st Batch Students withdrawn the first payments, It’s not just for once but surely it will continue on as long they keep applying tricks and techniques taught by us.

What is INCPak YouTube Crash Course ?

The INCPak YouTube Crash Course is completely online, Instructor Amir Qadir will be heading it guides the student from A to Z to makes you complete YouTuber, We make sure our all students stay updated so there is no issue with timings, if you are working somewhere and busy in day time. All you need to do spare 2 to 3 hours daily on YouTube and the result is in front of you.

Thanks to Bahram Jahangir for Sharing this.

YouTube Crash Course

Bahram Jahangir and other students withdrawn their payments and expecting next month as well, Course fees is not even 10% of the payment they have received, INCPak makes sure you benefit from Online Courses and start earning.

Since INCPak YouTube Crash Course is online completely, 24/7 support is available, Nothing is impossible, all you need to learn step by step, with a proper guidance you can make money from Youtube. The course material is provided to the students, along with our support, not only when the course carries on but even after the Youtube crash course by INCPak is completed. The Support will continue on.

Online Earning is no longer a dream, If you have PC / Laptop and Good Internet Speed atleast 1 to 2 Mbps you are eligible to join, There’s no need to qualification or to be certified for this course.  Have patience, follow the instructions and believe me your hardwork will pay you back.

6th Batch is ON THE GO now and we are ready to empower you. 

Note : Limited Seats are available for 6th Batch, so you are interested Read How to Enroll. 


INCPak YouTube Crash Course Outline :- 

Duration                          3 Weeks

Sessions                           6

Instructor                        Amir Qadir 

Course Fee                      2000/-

Last Date                        5th September 2015

Payment Method           Easy Paisa



Email at with the Subject  “ INCPak YouTube Crash Course 6th Batch “ along with your Full Name, Age , City , Address and Contact Number, we’ll get back you.

NOTE : Foreign Students Out Side Pakistan contact us via email first.


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