YouTube Crash Course 2nd Batch starting 15th June 2015

After a successful start up of the Batch 1 of Youtube Crash Course by INCPak, we are ready to start 2nd batch of Youtube Crash Course by INCPak.

Amir Qadir is conducting the YouTube Crash course and the students are pretty satisfied not just they have understood but already most of them has activated their AdSense accounts on YouTube. Already on the run, INCPak Team wants to thank all the students, for making Youtube Crash Course by INCPak successful, with the same enthusiasm we are proudly announcing ( Youtube Crash Course 2nd Batch ) Ready to roll in,  from today till 16th June 2015.

Course Line Up

Online Webinar Sessions Per week 2 – we monitor the activity of each student personally and assist them when needed. There will be 4 sessions, but the support will remain 24/7 at anytime even after the course ends up.

Joint sessions are conducted on Skype in which Students get to know each other and share and ask the Questions from Amir Qadir ( Instructor )

2nd Batch of YouTube Crash course is for those who wants who are willing to learn and earn online.

Hence INCPak Team has proven time and again, that we deliver our promise and we do not compromise. We demonstrate you real-time about how it works, so you can understand it thoroughly. 

To Register you can email us ( )  along with your ( Name , Age , City , Postal Address and contact number ) we’ll get back to you with the details.

Youtube Crash Course by INCPak   ( Payment Method EasyPaisa ONLY  )

We’ve chosen easypaisa because it’s convenient for everyone, you can send the payment and enroll for this course.

Those of you think It’s too much, well what we are teaching you over here is to earn from Youtube and in our previous post ( Youtube Crash Course By INCPak ) we mentioned that you could earn 5000/- to 15000/- monthly very easily, If you are confident and Understand it well using your own techniques you can raise the level upto 40,000/- as

Youtube Crash Course Batch 1 Team is pretty satisfied and you can interact with them on INCPak forum ask them how it went, we wanted to keep the transparacy so don’t want to spice up as self pro-claiming Team of Professional.

You can contact us on INCPak Forum and ask the members about this course yourself !

First we tested and made sure that the course which we are offering is fesible for all and they can earn from Youtube, after which we introduced and Thanks to all the students those who made it possible and a successful one, The team of determined iniduals, learn’t very well and showed positive results.

If you are interested in joining the course, Email us , INCPak Team will contact you and you’ll be ready to start by 17th June 2015, The Last date of submission is 16th June 2015 .

UPDATE : Course Fees and Last date extended .

YouTube Crash Course 2nd Batch  Line Up .

–  4 Webinar Sessions

–  90 Minutes Per Session

–  Group Interaction and assistance 24/7

–  Course Material will be provided by us

–  Last date to register  20th June 2015.

–  Limited Seats available.

–  Course Fees : 1000/- Pakistani Rupees  Payment Method EasyPaisa only.

INCPak stands not only as one the leading information technology informative portal but we are fulfilling our dream to empower youth where self dependent and skilled youth can cash their talent and fill up their pocket earn popularity across the world.

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