YouTube Crash Course by INCPak 4th Batch is ready for new admissions, 3rd Batch Students has already started making money from Youtube with the guidance and tricks shared by Amir Qadir ( Instructor )  INCPak has delivered and we are excited to announce Youtube Crash Course 4th Batch after Eid-ul-Fitr.

4th Batch will start from 25th July 2015, and the last date to enroll 22nd July 2015, right after Eid-ul-Fitr classes will start, INCPak continues with the same fees structure and online sessions, we are not imposing anything extra for new comers since we have already candidates for 4th batch awaiting.

Making Money via Youtube isn’t difficult, The question in everyone’s mind how much can we earn monthly? well it depends on how much time you give and put your efforts, play by the rules and be creative the end result is the payment by Google Adsense.

We have a strict policy not to intervene in any of our students personal Youtube account, each one manages by himself, Batch mates interactions and Online Workshop is being introduced in the 4th batch in which previous batches students will also participate.

YouTube Crash Course by INCPak is designed to uplift the youth make them self dependent and how to use Youtube for earning purpose, there shouldn’t be any doubt about INCPak’s approach because we have delivered, what we’ve promised.

YouTube Crash Course 4th Batch  Line Up .

–  4  Online Sessions

–  90 Minutes Per Session

–  Group Interaction and assistance 24/7

–  Course Material will be provided by us

–  Last date to register  22nd July 2015.

–   Youtube Crash Course will start from 25th July 2015

NOTE : We have Limited Seats available, So kindly reserve your seat by emailing at 

Course Fees 

–   1000/-  Pakistani Rupees  Payment Method EasyPaisa only.

How to enroll ?

Send an email  at  along with your full name, Age, city , postal address and contact number with the subject  Batch 4 enroll for Youtube Crash Course we’ll update you about the next step and reserve your seat, remember we have limited seats.

Never underestimate yourself, put yourself to the test to know you can really achieve beyond your imagination, we are here to guide you and support will carry on even after the course is finished, we are committed and always in contact with other batches students sharing the material to help them grow more. Chase your dream fill up your pockets will your hard earned money.

waiting to hear from you.

INCPak Team 

Farhan Imaan & Amir Qadir ( YouTube Crash Course 4th Batch by INCPak )


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