Karachi Police officials contact list – Police and Traffic Police contact numbers, INCPak sharing the list of contacts ‘bookmark’ it or save it somewhere because people often looking for official contacts on the web !

Karachi Police officers office numbers.

Additional IGP, Karachi +9221-99212652-53

DIGP/Admin, Karachi +9221-99212654

ADIGP/Legal, Karachi +9221-99212072

ADIGP/Welfare & Finance, Karachi +9221-99213133

ADIGP/T & T, Karachi +9221-99211399

ADIGP/Establishment +9221-99213131

AIGP/Security, Karachi +9221-99211060

SP/Security-I (VVIP) Karachi +9221-99243864

SP/Security-II (VIP) Karachi +9221-99216283

SP/Security-III, CCP, Karachi +9221-99244461

SP/Security-IV, CCP, Karachi +9221-99244613

SP/Court Police, CCP, Karachi +9221-99244648-9

SP/Foreigners Security Cell, Karachi +9221-99203646

SP/Muhafiz, CCP, Karachi +9221-99244461-2

DIGP/Operation,South Zone, Karachi +9221-99205670-71

ADIGP/Operation,South Zone, Karachi +9221-99205672

SP, Saddar, CCP, Karachi +9221-99207385-86

SP, Kemari CCP, Karachi +9221-99263022-23

SP, Jamshed Quarter, CCP, Karachi +9221-99231399

SP, Clifton, CCP, Karachi +9221-35888898

SP, Liyari, CCP, Karachi +9221-32529856

SSP/Investigation-I, South Zone, Karachi +9221-99217686-88

SSP/Investigation-II South Zone, CCP, Kaarchi +9221-34520762-4

SP/Head Quarter Garden, CCP, Karachi +9221-99215199

SP/City, Sout Zone, CCP, Karachi +9221-99216288

DIGP/Operation, East Zone, Karachi +9221-99230884-5

ADIGP/Operation, East Zone, Karachi +9221-99231394

SP, Landhi, Karachi +9221-35030481

SP, Korangi, Karachi +9221-35060782

SP, Bin Qasim, Karachi +9221-35001276-77

SP, Gadapi, Karachi +9221-34644407

SP, Shah Faisal, Karachi +9221-99248006

SP, Gulshan, Karachi +9221-99230881-6

SP, Malir Town, East Zone, Karachi +9221-99248412

SSP/Investigation-I, East Zone, Karachi +9221-99248987

SSP/Investigation-II, East Zone, Karachi +9221-99248989

SP/HQ: Hassan Square, East Zone, Karachi +9221-99248086-87

DIGP/Operation, West Zone, Kaarchi +9221-99246180

ADIGP/Operation, West Zone, Kaarchi +9221-99246156

SP/Gulberg, Karachi +9221-99246199

SP/North Nazimabad, Karachi +9221-36631551

SP/Orangi, Karachi +9221-36655900

SP/Site, Karachi +9221-32563777

SP/Baldia, Karachi +9221-32812190

SP/Liaqatabad, Karachi +9221-9923184

SP/New Kaarchi, Karachi +9221-36995222

SSP/Investigation-I West Zone, kaarchi +9221-32576622

SSP/Investigation-II West Zone, kaarchi +9221-99260552

SP/HQ: Khuwaja Ajmir Nagri, West Zone, Karachi +9221-36948001

DIGP/Investigation +9221-99214708

ADIGP/Investigation, Karachi +9221-32202833

SSP/AVCC, Karachi +9221-99215421

SSP/ACLC, Karachi +9221-99205654

SP/Operation, ACLC, Karachi +9221-99246174

SP/Admn: ACLC, Karachi +9221-99205878

SP/Investigation, ACLC, Karachi +9221-99205878

SSP/Special Investigation, Unit, Karachi +9221-32786132

DIGP/Traffic, Karachi +9221-99216141

ADIGP/Traffic, Karachi +9221-99216140

SP/Traffic (MVI/D.L.Branch) +9221-99250521

SSP/Traffic, Zone-I +9221-99217985

SSP/Traffic, Zone-II +9221-99260521

SSP/Traffic, Zone-III +9221-99248814

SSP/Traffic, Zone-IV +9221-32562323

SSP/Traffic, Zone-V +9221-99248180

If you are searching for anyone’s contact which you don’t find listed kindly email us at incpak@gmail.com , INCPak team is always ready to help you !


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