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Homeopathic combination pack with two single remedies Petroleum and Graphites for relief of eczema.

Petroleum: Petroleum has marked action on various skin affections like eczema. The skin is rough, ragged, exfoliated and bleeding. There are cracks and fissures all over the body or in affected area. Every little injury suppurates. There are dry erruptions on the tip of the fingers which are rough, cracked and painful and sensitive to touch. Petroleum also helps in various forms of eczema especially on scalp. There are thick yellowish crusts like vesicles on the scalp with considerable moisture. All the erruptions itch violently. All the skin problems are worse during winter and better in summer.

Graphites: Graphites har marked action on various skin eruptions weeping eczema, All skin eruptions exude a watery, transparent, gelatinous sticky fluid. Skin affections are particularly located in the bend of joints, on the scalp and behind the ears. Graphites is also a remedy for eczema of lids, eruptions moist and fissured, lids red and margins covered with scales and crusts. Graphites is also a remedy for eczema of ears and moist eczema around anus. Every little injury suppurates. There is also fissures and cracks at the end of the fingers, or nipples, vulva and labial commissures. Graphites also helps in nail disorders. The nails are brittle, crumbling, and deformed. They are painful and sore as if ulcerated, thick and crippled.

Directions:  Adults: Take 4-5 pellets or tablets orally by mouth and allow them to dissolve on tongue. Repeat at least 3 times a day, about 30 minutes before or after food. Similarly take the second remedy after a gap of 30 minutes, make sure to remember the sequence. Children: Half of the adult dose.

Ingredients: Eczema Relief Combo is packed with two single homeopathic remedies:


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