Pan Ghutka Litter should be BANNED

Pan Ghutka Litter Where Karachi streets are red with the blood of innocents people , the streets are also red with Pan and Ghutka litter. While walking on the street or crossing the road just as you are not aware when a bullet might hit you, similarly out of no where some one will spit on you and you will be all red covered with pan and ghutka litters.

Heard so many times and read on newspaper that Ghutka has been banned by the government but don’t know what happened to that no one ever stopped spitting. We are one nation who does what we want to do no one follows any rules here.Rules are meant to be broken.

One of my office colleagues entered office late, upon asking he replied I was just getting in auto for office out of no where some one in the bus passing by spit out pan/ghutka (peek) on my shirt. So I had to go back home to change.

If you look around and notice on the roads, on the walls and on best of the market places its been littered all over. In the office dust bins, if by change you had to climb the strains of your office building or any residential building no matter where you go , there it is. With out realizing the health hazards they are causing, as if, if they knew they would care, both educated and uneducated , rich or poor, those addicted to it become animals and will just spit any where with out caring for any one.

After work or after shopping you go to the parking for you car, you look at it and you suddenly start screaming. Someone littered your beloved car. Be careful while crossing road especially if bus is passing by , bus is full of such idiotic people , they won’t bother noticing what they are up to.

Best thing about all this is there is no rule to punish such people, there is no way any one can stop them. I guess Supreme Court has to come out with some strict rule for this problem as well. At least 12 month jail for those who litter on roads and public places. And Ghutka should be completely Banned.

INCPak Team

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