Pakistan Resolution Day – 23rd March 1940

Pakistan resolution day

The people of Pakistan celebrate the 23rd of March, every year, with great zeal and enthusiasm, to commemorate the most outstanding achievement of sub-continent Muslims who passed the historic Pakistan Resolution on this day at Minto Park, Lahore in 1940. The Lahore Pakistan Resolution also known as Karar datey Pakistan  was indeed a landmark in the history for the Muslims ...

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‘Ignorant’ Builders Destroy 2,300-year-old Mayan Pyramid in Belize

Heritage: Belize is dotted with hundreds of ruin sites dating back to the time of the ancient Mayas

One of the biggest Mayan pyramids in Belize has been all but destroyed by ‘ignorant’ builders who ravaged the ancient structure for crushed rock to fill in a new road.The construction workers used bulldozers and diggers to claw at the sloping sides of the 100ft tall pyramid, which is part of the Nohmul complex – the most important Mayan site ...

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The City Of Silence “Makli Graveyard”


The World’s Largest Cemetery, unlike any other grave yard, it’s is on the Hill a kilo meter next to Thatta city province Sindh of Pakistan and it is  90km from Karachi on the Route ( N5, National Highway Authority ) Makli Grave yard in Radius cover over 8 KM in which over 125,000 graves were, My visit there was in year ...

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The Gateway of Islam in Sub Continent – Bhambore


The City which holds the secrets and the tales of the history Bhambore well-known as The Gateway of Islam in Sub Continent, an ancient port city of Debal, located 60 km from Karachi toward Thatta city, Sindh from National Highway( N5), Historical ancient city still have the traces of the 7th century civilization and things which were discovered from it, are ...

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Chukhandi : The Historical Cemetery


The Remarkable Historical Cemetery known as The Chaukhandi  situated 29 km (18 miles) east of the city Karachi on National Highway near the Landhi Town. Once it was Part of Malir in Sindhi  know as ” Mulk Malir “ in ancient stories which is now merged with the huge massive metropolitan city of Karachi. The Chaukhandi tombs are remarkable for the elaborate and exquisite stone carving, almost the same presents the Makli’s Historical ...

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