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Everything about Qmobile A1 aka Google Android One

Google Android One

The wait is over, Qmobile A1 aka Google Android One has been added in INCPak Android fleet, This post is complete autopsy of Google Android One in which not only the specs, benchmark results, quick review also how to Root Qmobile A1 aka Google Android One and custom roms available for it. INCPak Team member Ahmer Zaidi just bought Qmobile ...

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Qmobile Noir Z8 and Z8 Plus ROOTED & CUSTOM RECOVERY

Qmobile Noir Z8

INCPAK brings you another big news for all the people out there, and we are again the first one to unveil this news to you. Qmobile Noir Z8 & Z8 Plus Rooted Successfully by INCPAK member Naveed Saleem. Yes the newly released phone from Qmobile is already rooted & Custom recovery installed by us now. INCPak always been one of ...

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viper4android Best Configuration – Step By Step Guide


Viper4Android Best configuration Ever – After playing for some time with this App “  viper4android ” I was able to configure it to its best. Here I am sharing my experience and setting for you guys. Hope you find it usefull Note : first make sure your phone is rooted. viper4Android Here we go .. Go to the official site ...

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How to UNBRICK Qmobile LT 250

LT250 Cover

How to UNBRICK Qmobile LT 250, Wiko WAX with Qmobile Stock Rom and Recovery. INCPak forum member shared on the forum, amplifying the post from on INCPak website to make it easier for QMobile LT 250 users.The Original post continues as the member shared along with the links and at the end of the post you can find the link ...

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Qmobile Noir A900 with increased internal Storage to 2.46 GB

Qmobile A900

Qmobile A900 with increased internal Storage to 2.46 GB. – Post Revised by Asghar Ali Khan  INCPak Team member – This process has been already shared by a Senior member of INCPak Jawad Naqvi for increasing the internal storage to 2 GB , i am just adding a small contribution to increase to 2.46 GB.    Qmobile A900 (( increase Apps ...

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