How to Cast your Vote – Elections 2013

How to Cast your vote – Pakistan Elections 2013 Public Awareness post – “Kindly confirm me that point (1) is it correct and authentic that the Ballot sheet will be sent on the address or it will be on there at polling station?” there’s a slight confusion I have sent an email and tried alot to contact ECP but if anyone of you knows about it than reply me back at, Thank you.

  • Ballot Sheet will be sent to all voters at their registered addresses by Post which will contain the information of their booth number and polling station. A service will be started in a few days similar to the SMS service of 8300 which will also contain these details
  • Each Polling station will have 2-4 Queues entering into a booth.
  • The voter will then based on the booth number get into queue
  • Once at the front of the queue he will be required to show the CNIC to the polling officer who will do a name check in the voters list and mark off that the voter has arrived to the voting station. As this is done the officer will announce aloud to all present staff that the individual voter has arrived and each officer will mark it on their respective lists. (This will include officers from the respective parties)
  • The Officer will apply a black ink on the individuals thumb to show that he/she has been to the station to vote.
  • At this point the voter will move to the presiding officer who will note down the details from the voters CNIC and issue him/her a ballot paper after signing and stamping the back (The stamps are numbered for the polling booth). He too will mark off on his list at this point that the voter has arrived and taken his/her ballot paper
  • The above process was for the National Assembly ballot papers and will be repeated for Provincial Assembly ballot papers as well.
  • The officer while handing the ballot paper will provide the voter with a stamp and explain to him how to select his/her candidate. (The stamp has to be placed just on the symbol of the candidate you would like to vote for) This process will be required to be done behind the curtain in the booth.
  • Once the voter has casted his/her vote he is required to fold the ballot paper in 2 half folds
  • He/she will then exit the booth and insert the ballot paper in the ballot box which will be lying either infront of the assistant presiding officers or between them. The box will be present in the open and each individual present will be able to see the same.


Q Can I vote if my CNIC is expired?

A It is your civic duty to ensure your CNIC is renewed. Incase it is expired please have it renewed urgently. You may be allowed to cast your vote however that will be at the discretion of the presiding officer.

Q What if I arrive at a polling station and my vote is already cast?

A In the case where your vote is already cast you will goto the presiding officer and show your CNIC and your thumb to indicate you have not voted yet. Post this the presiding officer will issue you a fresh ballot paper which will then be inserted into a sealed envelop which will be inserted into the ballot box. The vote in the sealed envelop will override any other vote. A note will be made of this error.

Q Can I vote from another Polling Station?

A No, you will not be allowed vote at another polling station. You will be required to goto your respective station to vote and you will not be able at this point request a change. All officers of the Armed Forces, Prisoners, Police Officers etc will be allowed to cast their votes by post.Individuals wanting to cast their vote by post require to fill out the form at Due to time constraints it is likely not to be accepted.

To Check the location of your polling station Check the post WHERE TO VOTE 

Original Post : PTI Elections Page 

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