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How to Join Pakistan Establishment Party – PEP [SATIRE]

Pakistan Establishment Party (PEP) is Unarguably The most powerful and most influenced party in Pakistan supported by mass majority and has delivered when ever nation faced any challenge.

It is also said that Pakistan Establishment Party gave birth to several political parties in Pakistan and it will not be wrong to say PEP is the “Mother of All Parties” (Political and Non-Political) existing today.

Even our Constitution says our democratic system gives us right to vote in “General Elections” to choose the right candidate. So without General there will be no Elections, the term is incomplete without the participation of Pakistan Establishment Party.

In and out, back and forth PEP plays vital role in the development of the country, also been the key player in Geo-strategic, peace and policies implementer, however Joining Pakistan Establishment Party is not that as joining other competitors.

The Pakistan Establishment Party is the only party to exercise genuine democracy within –  Intra Party elections are held after every 3 years and successor becomes new leader, however there is no room for leader of the opposition within the party, overall the mechanism is well-organized and well-mannered unlike any other political system currently exists. Some Politicians refer Pakistan Establishment Party as “Khalai Makhlooq“.

I hope we have cleared your doubts and confusions,  So are you interested in Joining PEP? Let me make it simple for you, just become a “Patriot” and you’re in.

SATIRE – Learn to laugh :)