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NADRA – SIM Information System

How many Sims issued on your CNIC? SIM Information System  INCPak Introduces Mobile Phone SIM Information System another milestone added very useful and easy for everyone, Just by entering CNIC ( Computerized National Identity Number ) NADRA To find out the total number of SIMs registered against your CNIC.

Enter your CNIC Number and will tell you accurate number of SIMS issued on your CNIC .

If the number of SIM Cards are more than you are using, Kindly contact the Customer Service Center of the Respective Cellular Company.

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It is very essential to keep the record of all the SIMs issued on your CNIC, though this system cannot tell you the numbers but validates the number of SIMs.

The SIM Card issued on your CNIC might be in wrong hands, so do not delay and spread this to your friends and family members as well to check how many SIMs are issued.

INCPak keeps no information in the record, so don’t worry, avail this easy service and share this page with others as well those who are willing to find out about the Mobile SIM(s) Registered on their CNIC.

To forget to check NADRA 5 simple verification procedures

We encourage visitors to check and share this post as much as possible prevent misuse of the SIMs.


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