The Islamic Republic Of Pakistan is a Muslim Country and Its Power is to secure and to give protection to the Muslims of World. If we come to the defence, Pakistan is the Country which is listed in the top ten Worlds Most Powerful countries because Pakistan has always showed Brilliance in the field of defence.

Pakistan is the Worlds 6th Powerful Nuclear country and the first in the Muslim World. If we look at the Pakistan Military Strength as according to the Survey of GPF in 2012 Pakistan is ranked 12th in the world having Biggest Military Strength. Why Not ? as Pakistan has total Population of 176,745,364 in which Available Man Power is 93,351,401 and 617,000 active front line personnel’s while in reserve we have 515,500 personnel’s and we also have powerful 3,490 tanks.

Pakistan Defence
Pakistan also have the world’s Strongest Armed Forces Named as SSG ( Special Service Group ) These are the Most Strongest Commandos Which are well trained and they are ready to face any type of Situation , SSG commandos are also included in Navy, and also includes FC rangers (Frontier Corps ) Those all all ranked high in the world due to their Bravery.

Pakistan ISI ( Inter-Services Intelligence ) cannot be forgotten any time as their excellence in the spying and giving suspicious information to the Pakistan is a major role in the Defense Of Pakistan .

ISI is considered in the world’s best intelligence agencies as According to the Ranking Report Given by CrimeNews of NewYork ISI is listed on the Top in the whole World and Ranked Number 1.

Let’s have a look on the Pakistan Nuclear Power , there are mainly two major Nuclear bomb technologies the one is fission and the other is fusion in which Pakistan has the Fission Nuclear technology which is more powerful then the Fusion bombs and if we look at our Missiles which we have developed are the best in the world As Pakistan first developed ‘Hataf 1 = 70KM , Hataf 1A = 180-200km ,Abdali 1 = 250 KM after that Pakistan introduced Ghaznavi Missile = 280-300Km , then Shaeen 1 = 750-1000KM, Ghori Missile= 1500-1800KM , Shaeen 2 = 2000KM , Ghori 3 = 3000-3500KM, shaeen 3= 4000-4500km after that with the will of Allah in 2010 we developed Tipu 1 = 6000 KM and Tipu 2 = 7000-7500 this missile covers whole europe , 80% russia , Whole India and this was the blessing of Allah Almighty upon us that our missiles can cover 2 crore 74 lakh Square Meter of the World ! Moreover Pakistan is the 4th country in the world who have Cruise Missile Technology, The superiority missile is that they cannot be detected from Radars !

Pakistan Air Force has always showed Brilliance! Whom it was the war of 1965 when MM.ALam hits down 9 Indian air crafts and 5 of them in 30 seconds by setting up an unbeaten world record. THis is the blessing of Allah upon us that Pakistan developed its own Fighter Plane ” Jf-17 Thunder ” Multi-role Fighter Aircraft JF-17 has the speed of 1,296 km/h and can be armed with up to 3,629 kg (8,000 lb) of air-to-air and air-to-ground weaponry . Pakistan Itself have total 50 Jf-17 Fighter Planes As they are also Considered Backbone of the PAF . Pakistan also have verity of Brilliant Prototype Fighting Planes Like F-16 the Most Famous and Powerful Plane considered in the world as Pakistan has 63 f-16 Fighter Planes , 75 Dassault Mirage III , 82 Dassault Mirage 5 and 186 Chengdu F-7 Skybolt amazing Fighter Planes. After this Pakistan also developed UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) Drones , As Pakistan has its own self made Burraq and SATUMA Jasoos II (45 UAV,s) also including 25 SELEX Galileo Falco, 4 CH-4, 3 RQ-7 Shadow.

Lets come toward Pakistan Navy , The Most dangerous Thing in navy forces is submarine which is considered as a silent hunter , Pakistan is making the Worlds Biggest Diseal Sub-marine which can live 3 months underwater and can travel 10,000 Kilometer , can take six Atomic Missiles including Baber Cruise Missile which is fired from underwater after it comes in the air and has the ability to hit his target even by rotating itself to any direction and comes back to hit his target via GPS satellite System and We live with Peace and dignity! but if someone have dirty dreams about my Country then just one line for them !

Mess with the Best , Die in the rest
Pakistan Paindabad , Pakistan Army Zindabad !

By : Ahmed Mehtab

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