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PTCL Smart Tv Channels list

PTCL Smart TV Channels list, many visitors search for it on the web so here’s the complete list of all the channels.

Note :  PTCL Smart TV currently relays 150 channels: 30 news, 4 in-house, 8 religious,  19 entertainment, 9 children, 7 music, 14 infotainment, 12 sport, 13 for English-language films, 3 for Pakistani-language films and 18 regional channels. INCPak updated the list in November 2014, All 150 channels are listed below.


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PTCL Smart Tv Channels List :- 


  • Smart Product
  • Awakening
  • Geo News
  • Aaj News
  • Dawn News
  • Samaa Tv
  • Dunya News
  • ARY News
  • Jaag
  • Express News
  • Roze News
  • Waqt News
  • Abb Tak
  • NewsnOne
  • Geo Taiz
  • Ptv News
  • Capital Tv
  • Channel 5
  • Raavi Tv
  • Such Tv
  • Din News
  • Play Max
  • Hum Tv
  • ARY Digital
  • Geo Entertainment
  • Geo Kahani
  • Urdu 1
  • Express Entertainment
  • Tv One
  • Hum Sitaray
  • A Plus
  • PTV Home
  • ARY Zindagi
  • Zam Tv
  • Kohenoor Tv
  • A Tv
  • Silver Screen
  • Filmazia
  • Film World
  • My Tv
  • Hum Masala
  • Zaiqa
  • Cartoon Network
  • Nickelodeon
  • Disney XD
  • Jim Jam
  • C Babies
  • Baby Tv
  • Disney Channel
  • Disney Junior
  • Animax
  • Health Tv
  • 8 XM
  • Vibe Tv
  • Jalwa
  • Ary Musik
  • Oxygen
  • Channel V
  • Arabica Tv
  • Rotana Music
  • A Lite
  • National Geography
  • Discovery Channel
  • Nat Geo People
  • Animal Planet
  • Net Geo Wild
  • History Tv
  • Travel
  • PTV Sports
  • Ten Sports
  • Star Sports 2
  • Geo Super
  • TEN Golf
  • Star Sports 1
  • Star Sports 4
  • Euro Sports
  • Ten Action
  • Al-Jazeera Sports
  • Star Sports HD
  • Abu Dhabi Sports
  • Star Movies
  • HBO
  • HBO Hits
  • HBO Family
  • Warner Brother
  • Star World
  • AXN
  • MBC 2
  • MBC Max
  • MBC Action
  • BBC Entertainment
  • PTV World
  • CNN
  • BBC
  • Sky News
  • Fox News
  • RT News
  • CCTV News
  • DW English
  • Al-Jazeera English
  • NHK World
  • Al Arabia
  • Business Plus
  • Bloomberg
  • Aman Tv
  • 24 Channel
  • City 42
  • Metro One
  • KTN
  • KTN News
  • Kashish
  • Sindh Tv
  • Sindh Tv News
  • VSH News
  • Apna News
  • Waseeb
  • Khyber Tv
  • Khyber News
  • Afghan Tv
  • Pashto 1
  • Mehran Tv
  • Awaz Tv
  • PTV Bolan
  • Sabz Tv
  • Punjab Tv
  • DM Digital
  • K 2
  • Light Asia
  • Dhoom Tv
  • Dharti Tv
  • Indus Vision
  • Times Entertainment
  • VTV 1
  • VTV 3
  • VTV 4
  • PTV Global
  • PTV National
  • Q Tv
  • Peace Tv English
  • Huda Tv
  • Peace Urdu Tv
  • Al Quran Al Karim
  • Al Sunnah Al Nabaviyah

If any channel missing in this list, kindly mention in the comments.


Smart TV PC Application

PTCL introduces yet another amazing product, PTCL Smart TV PC application. Now PTCL’s customers can enjoy digital and crystal clear TV channels on any PC or laptop. PTCL Smart TV PC application offers 150 TV channels, which stream instantly on the customer’s laptop/PC. There is no need for any Set-top-box. Simply connect your laptop or PC with the modem, and follow the easy setup guide. Unlike streaming channels from internet, PTCL Smart TV PC application offers delay free and full screen viewing experience.

This makes PTCL Smart TV available not only on big screens like TVs, but on smaller screens like laptop/PC as well.

To enjoy & experience the amazing PTCL Smart TV PC application, download the application from this webpage or from the official Facebook page. Install the application and call PTCL order line 080080800 to subscribe to this service. (Subscription is mandatory)

Smart TV App For Android OS
Now a PC TV or IPTV customer can also download the Android version of the application from here:


Download App

DOWNLOAD Modem Setting for PC Application


Q1. Who can avail Smart TV PC Application?
Ans: All the existing and new PTCL customers can avail this facility.

Q2 . How can I get Smart TV PC Application?
Ans: Dial 0800-80-800 from your PTCL Phone OR visits your nearest OSS to avail the service.

Q3. Is it must to have PTCL Broadband for Smart TV PC Application?
Ans: Yes PTCL Broadband is required for Smart TV PC Application.

Q4 . Does Smart TV PC application required any User name & password?
Ans: No. After subscription, downloading the application and slight modem settings you can start enjoying the application.

Q5. On which Operating system Smart TV PC application can be installed?
Ans: It can be installed on windows XP, Vista and window 7 Operating systems.

Q6. Is there a monthly subscription fee for using Smart TV PC Application?
Ans: Yes, subscription fee of Smart TV PC Application is PKR 250 per month.

Q7. Is there any device or device charges for Smart TV PC Application?
Ans: No, There is no device for Smart TV PC Application nor device charges. It runs on PC/Laptop using the existing broadband connection.

Q8. Can a customer use this application on multiple Laptops/PCs?
Ans: Running this application simultaneously on multiple Laptops/PCs will not work.

Q9 . From where I can download this service?
Ans: Application can be downloaded from from

Q10 . I am unable to locate the exact location of Smart TV PC Application on PTCL web site.
Ans: Go to mentioned link then “Home and personal” and finally in Smart TV section.

Q11 . Can I watch VOD’s in Smart TV PC Application?
Ans: No, VODs are not available in Smart TV PC Application. Smart TV Application only provide live channel stream.

Q12 . Do we have TSTV/ rewind feature with Smart TV PC Application?
Ans: No, TSTV feature is not available with Smart TV PC Application

Q13 .How many live channels are available in Smart TV PC Application?
Ans: Un-interruptive Live channels- 150.

Q14. I am unable to access the service or need assistance?
Ans: Call 1218 helpline and register a complaint.

Q15. What quality should I expect from Smart TV PC Application?
Ans: All channels are of digital quality.

Q16. What if, customer wants to avail Smart TV PC Application with Smart TV, are there any extra charges?
Ans: Smart TV PC Application would be absolutely free with Smart TV.

Q17. Can we use Smart TV and Smart TV PC Application simultaneously?
Ans: No, Simultaneously it will not work. The user experience is not good using both services simultaneously.

Q18. Can we switch from Smart TV PC Application to Smart TV?
Ans: Yes Customers can switch from Smart TV PC Application service to Smart TV. It involves un-subscription of Smart TV Application and new subscription of new services.

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