If you are searching for a Job on the web you’ll definitely see Self promoted number 1 Online Job search web portal in Pakistan, Rozee.pk keeps 1 million waiting for an interview call and the wait is never over, Rozee.pk fellas notices active users and they call them up one by one TO PAY for premium usage which filters out.

Technically to maintain the website, Google Adwords keywords like ” Jobs in Karachi, Jobs in Pakistan, Jobs in Lahore and managing staff company requires huge investment – so they came up with charging the unemployed web searchers – their money making strategy is innovative to loot  people those who are seeking for a job to earn has to pay first before they get the job. WOW ! Interesting …

Although the truth is they are earning from various Advertisements such as Google Adsense and the cooperate clients, it’s never enough so why not charge the poor visitors

Couple of people reported about the rozee.pk fraud as they paid and yet they didn’t get any response within designated time by any company. here’s one of them has to say

Dear fellows.

I have applied for a number of post through rozee.pk. I did not received a single interview call although a long time has also passed.
Rozee.pk also demands 3000 R.s for making you as a member.
If you could not payed that they will not forward your C.V

In my opinion the basic purpose of the rozee.pk is to make money.

It seems that it is totally a fraud.

without paying them your CV will be there in their database not forwarded to any company appearing with vacancy not only this on the other hand Rozee.pk charges cooperates and enterprises as well to share the selected candidates CVs. The Rozee.pk is not serving as a classified website so it’s pointless to find a job there until you think it’s alright to pay them to become a premium member for 6 months.

INCPak is not trying to bash anyone instead we are an eye openers and sharing the best, If you are looking for job we’ll suggest you Job Updates Pakistan – Facebook Group which is serving it’s purpose without charging anyone.

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