US dollar brakes failed – Pakistani rupee Break Dancing

We saw the inflation in previous government’s five years progress in which the Pakistani rupee weakens  63 to 99 but that was not the end it seems now, the US dollar brakes failed and Pakistani rupee breaking dancing ( continuously devaluing ) touched Rs 105 a dollar.

Pakistani rupee 5 Year graph

Pakistani rupee

Pakistani rupee recent condition

Pakistani rupee

The biggest reason for devaluation in Pakistani rupee is that ” the repayment to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) is done by printing new currency.

Moreover the country’s exports are getting lower day by day and imports increasing and no proper policies are made to overcome the problems. There are more reasons for devaluation but major are written above.

Pakistani rupee imf

In near future PML-N Government will break all the records and bones of the infrastructure since the US Dollar is losing grip and Pakistani Rupee fading away.

There is no doubt that, the way PML-N government has planned by hiking all the daily life utilities they are devoted to even rip off your clothes soon .

No regrets, the masses elected this government with their own will wish and I wouldn’t surprised to hear that soon people will yell and scream ” Bhutto Zinda karo “

Pakistani rupee funny

President is almost about to depart from Presidency soon, that would the full moon for the PML N Government but stay in no the shadow of the doubt that US Dollar gonna go up straight to 150 by next year.

The way things are hiked with in no time after this government took over, we witnessed US DOLLAR went up till 105 which is currently 102.75 , I am wondering what it would be by the next eid. On the other hand electricity tariffs will increase in month of september 2013, & I am sure majority will turn of the energy savers as well.

People must prepare for the worst since there is no hope of the best from present government, no proper policies have been made, still borrowing loans, thinking to borrow electricity  & instead of providing subsidies they are snatching since the public has the right to remain silent.

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Pakistani rupee funny

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