AJK Head Master gone Insane – Education at the cost of lives?

Azad Jammu & Kashmir  – Government and Pak Army announced to closed Schools in entire Azad Jammu & Kashmir  were closed which were near border after Indian Army heavily shelling from Indian Occupied Kashmir.

Official written notification issued after 2 days came on 19th August 2015 on which schools were closed indefinitely.

One of the government schools which is less than 300 meters from border was opened by Head Master.

In 1998 – A teacher and a peon were martyred at the very same school in the same area. While Official notification has been issued, still Head Master opened School for children which is dangerous and risky for their lives.

Government and Pakistan Army’s decision is fairly based on saving the impact of Cross Border Firing by Indian Army meanwhile Head Master of Government  High School Degwar openly violating, seems to be not interested in obeying the instructions and risking the lives of innocent students.

Education at the cost of lives ? 


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