Altaf Hussain Leaked Call to MQM USA 24 Aug 2016 [Full]

In a leaked phone call, Altaf Hussain MQM Chief called MQM USA and asked for Israel USA & India’s help to break Pakistan into pieces and take away Karachi.

Altaf Hussain has done it again. One more speech against Pakistan in which he is asking the help of foreign powers to destabilize and break Pakistan into pieces. Previously Altaf Hussain has said Pakistan Murdabad and MQM give an health issue as a reason for that speech and now this.

Altaf Hussain has either lost it or he has always been planning to break Pakistan. In the meanwhile MQM’s member has been selected as Mayor of Karachi.

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What will be the future of Karachi and MQM is still uncertain but do listen what Altaf has to say to USA, Israel and India and what are his sinister plans for Pakistan.

Altaf Hussain Leaked Call to MQM USA 24 Aug 2016 [Full]

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