Haunted by the massacres of Buddhist authorities. In the outskirts of Jammu on a piece of land called Kiryani Talab, 782 rohingya Muslim families have come fleeing, escaping from the violent atrocities backed by the governing state of Myanmar are still facing the threat of being hunted down by the police and CID. Jammu Police repeatedly remind them that they have orders from higher authorities to force them to leave the Jammu area. Addresses and names of these refugees of war have been written down by CID from their names to the addresses they came from in Burma.

Land which belongs to the forest department and illegally possessed by the locals have not given the Rohingyas the privilege of electricity and safe, hygienic drinking water despite paying a rent of RS 200 to 500. From political figures to religious scholars, no one has dared to speak out for these people and share their cause. The children are deprived from receiving formal education by not being able to attend schools.

The horrendous tales of torture and persecution explain the blood stained hands of the oppressors. Killings and destruction of property just like the Gaza strip was an illegal activity carried out by the government backed aggressors. According to a Rohingyan who recently joined his family stated that the genocide started in June 2012 after Myanmars President Thein Sein announced on state television that Rohingya Muslims must be expelled from the country and sent to refugee camps. A mass number of Rohingyas escaped to Bangladesh but despite taking a sigh of relief as they thought they would be safer, they were greeted by the gun whilst Sheikh Hasina selfishly stated that “Refugees were not their country’s responsibility.

The Rohingyas in Kashmir are appalled by the effect of their presence, as they feel that the Kashmiris have not supported them by shaking the state with even one protest to create awareness. Despite hearing about their extreme generosity when approached by guests. Christian and Buddhist refugees are granted a refugee card, however Muslims are not.

Aung san suu kyu, the noble peace prize winner and chairperson for the national league for democracy has also been silent on the massacre of Muslims in Burma, the country she wants freedom and democratic rights in.

While the world talks of human rights, and Malala who was supposedly shot because of her stand on education, how many people supported her! The figures of the number of Rohingyan children here who probably lack basic equipment like pen and paper must exceed hundreds. How many people have stood up for them?Name me at least one! Its true that the innocent Rohingyans have escaped a trap and been caught by another which the Kashmiris themselves are already in.


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