Education – For the last two decades, 70 year-old Muhammad Ramzan Wani from Kashmir has dedicated his life to serving once a primary, now middle school on a monthly wage of 25 Rupees, which has recently been raised to 50.

Appointed as a Sweeper-cum-Chowkidar in 1988, he was given the duty to watch and ward the school. Made to work around the clock, no leave was given to him. He describes his service as giving his life to look after the school, being made to work round-the-clock all these years.

In 2007, the Education department stopped paying him after he sought relief. However, sometime later he was given 50 Rupees in 2008 when he appointed the MLA for “justice”. Wani describes his work as with exploitation.

Wani Lost his land, his property of Walnut and Poplar trees worth lakhs to fake promises of officials, including a 25 Rupees Salary. Despite such a big responsibility with little rewards for his efforts, his salary was stalled for months in case of any damage to the school. Meanwhile, Wani continues to clean the school and its toilets for the past four years, without any payment.

By : Zain

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I would understand the Capitalist coal mine companies exploiting their workers as they do. But an established institute of education, who should be laying the foundations of spreading justice and equality in their society, have undermined Mr. Wanis job. No matter where you are in the world, security and hygiene are very important factors as you would all agree.

We respect Mr.Wani as despite his conditions of losing so much and not even being paid a salary, he has thought beyond this and fought his way through all these years with courage and surely his job has been purely charity.



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