Despite the terror Kashmiris face of having their house raided as part of an “encounter”, there is another breed which patrols the streets at night and preys on the young and old, the stray dog. Statistics show that 90’000 stray dogs have overtook Kashmir. On April the 23rd 2012, at least 51 people were reported to have been mauled by stray dogs in Srinagar in a single day, with the Lal Chowk reporting atleast 13. The canines onslaught was on in Kashmir.

Children fear to go to schools as ordinary citizens of Kashmir fear to walk the roads. This issue has reached such a stage that due to the governments inability to reduce or put a stop to this menace, people are suggesting the means of sterilization or poison, a preventive approach but however it is highly unlikely it will stop this problem.

Conspiracies have raised questions such as “are these dogs of Kashmiri origin?” The person who brought this question to light once offered to get rid of this menace against some fee, who is now suspicious on whether these dogs are being brought in from somewhere else and let loose on the streets of Kashmir.

The powerless people of Kashmir have also been represented by a single lawyer regarding this issue in court. However, it does not seem to be an problematic issue for the Bar Association.

Residents of Dar Pora Sopore claim that residents had caught a truck carrying dogs from an unknown destination, however they failed to nab the truck driver as he fled from the scene. Hurling stones on the fleeing truck, they informed the police station. The truck continuously came for four days and no one was able to catch it.

Majority of the stray dogs were bought in the middle of the night to avoid public attention. Where are these dogs coming from? The dogs who often fight for domination among themselves resort their anger to biting local people.

The Kashmiris have had to go through allot physically and emotionally in their “heaven on earth”.

From abductions to kidnappings and harassment from uniformed people of the government, utter turmoil in peoples lives who should have the right to self determination and hope.

A Kashmiri concluded and expressed his opinion that “since India has failed to silence the Kashmiris militarily, they have decided to feed us to the dogs”.

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