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Hazara Shia muslims Killings – History lays down some certain points

10 January, 2013 in Pakistan’s southwestern city of Quetta, 96 people lost their lives in back-to-back bombings that hit an area populated primarily by ethnic Hazara Shia Muslims.

Finally I got the answer after studying a few books Obaidullah was governor of Iraq at the time of Karbala incidence happened and this is the same person who was chief operative of the Karbala incidence and now IG FC Major General Obaidullah Khan is chief operative of whatever happening in Quetta against Shiites.

I don’t think it is just a co-incidence what I believe is that history always lays down some certain points called coincidence for the historian to understand the conspiracies and to correlate as one good historian wrote about Quid-i-Azam that his name Muhammad Ali denotes something to Islam as Muhammad and Ali were the person founded Islam and Muhammad Ali Jinnah founded Pakistan.

The incidences happening in Quetta or Baluchistan against Shiites and Hazara are basically being facilitated by Obaidullah one good example of this was seen when the buses of Shiites heading to and from Iran were burnt, blasted or shot the road always protected by FC so the terrorist could operate without interference from general public.

Today Obaidullah exposed fully when he was interviewed by Geo tv and they asked him about the scene of security in Quetta he refused offering security to Hazara by saying that now a “final dialogue” (MUNAZRA to declare Shiites Kafir) is the only solution.

The Hazara people are sitting with their dead bodies loved ones in -4 C and no body is listening to them all they are asking is just to save them from IG FC Major General Obaidullah Khan and from his friends.

By Zameer Sultan

Original Post : Global Voices 

INCPak  – Voice Of The People.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Izhar_Khan

    Jan 13, 2013 at 11:23 am

    What is happening in Baluchistan and all of Pakistan is the reflection of deeds by Pakistan Armed Forces in Past when they prepared Brutal terrorists to fight in Afghanistan under the financial aid of America. Now Arab world is funding terrorists to counter the Iran influence in Pakistan.

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