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More than 35 hours Nothing Hazara Community – People are with you

Quetta : Hazara Community Hunger strike Sit in ( Dharna ) against Shia Genocide carrying on after more than 35 hours, people from other cities has joined the Protests in Lahore, Multan, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Hyderabad and Karachi to Stop Shia Killings !

Earlier this afternoon Protest carried outside Islamabad Press Club


Nation is awake !

 Lahore ProtestPeople gathered outside Governor House Lahore in Punjab a while back, Meanwhile Prime Minister has instructed to give Police Powers to FC and increase the force in Quetta.


None of the government official has met the people who are sitting with the dead bodies of their loved ones in the mist cold winter -4 C Tempreture in Quetta.

PTI has confirmed that Imran Khan ( Chairman Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaan ) will go Quetta tomorrow and join the Dharna, out of all the political figures he’s the first one to condemn and Condole, 10th January Twin Blast, which killed over 90 people. People refuse to bury the dead bodies and laying there on street seeking for the justice !

Shia’s are being targeted almost each part of the country, Hazara community been the victim since long, enough is enough

protestors-quettaProtesters in Quetta , A while back 12th January , 2013

Tomorrow either Supreme Court Takes any action involving Pakistan Army or the government resolve this sectarian violence issue once for all, Chief Minister of Balochistan is not even in Pakistan, enjoying in Dubai and else where with family.

Government must realize the intensity of this sensitive issue because now people are on the street and they aren’t going back home.

Farhan Imaan