Appreciation Event Yeh Watan Tumhara Hai on March 23 2018

Join us on 23rd March at F-9 Park to appreciate the sincere efforts of those who silently strengthen our roots, to tell them they matter a lot.
To tell them #YehWatanTumharaHai  #Youth_Insight

While people are toiling at their personal lives to get better and better every second, they forget what this soil owes to them and what could they have done for their country and theirselves if they had just oriented their efforts.To fill this gap, this needs to be done by someone in some time at someplace, then why not us on 23rd March 2018 at F-9 park? “Yeh Watan Tumhara Hai” is just a humble effort to this greater cause.This event concurs with our foremost pillar of “Patriotism”.

March 23 - Yeh Watan Tumhara Hai

Pakistan Resolution Day – 23rd March 1940

Well, Are you thinking that you are gonna get nothing but boredom from this “bhashan” type event? Hell, NO. To tell you the truth, It will be a wayfaring kind of event. After you people convene at the venue, we have some really thrilling and fun activities for you at the very beginning of the event. Then we are going to disperse into different sectors to pay gratitude to every single man in service of Pakistan from an SHO or a Doctor to a janitor for their unremunerated services in their respective sectors. In the end, when we join back at the venue, there will be a candlelight ceremonial in order to remind us to ignite our due share in the service of this pure homeland. Then, you people will be allowed to leave hoping that you depart with a spirit of living for others.

So, Let us gather to pay homage and adulation to the beacons of the society under the platform of “Youth Insight” on 23rd March at F9 park by 3 pm to revive the significance of Pakistan Resolution with an avidity to award this soul.

Facebook Event – Event Organized by Youth Insight

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