ISLAMABAD: Senator Azam Swati disclosed on Wednesday that there were centers operating in the federal capital that were selling fake diplomas for cash to people.

According to details, fake diploma centres are operating with impunity in flats in the federal capital. Fake diplomas are sold for cash to students who have often used the documents to travel abroad for higher education.

Senator Azam Swati said that influential persons were behind this scam and were involved in looting people by handing out fake diplomas which were of no use.

“This is denting Pakistan’s image and the perception of the country globally with respect to education,” he said.

Upon Azam Swati’s disclosure, Chairman HEC said that a dangerous game was being played with the future of the country. He called for an in-camera session in which he would freely expose those involved in this scam.

This was disclosed during a session of the Senate Standing Committee on Federal Education. Vice Chancellor of Allama Iqbal Open University, Dr Shahid Siddiqui also briefed the senate committee.

“We have announced free education for transgenders from this semester,” he said. “It is meant to show that they will be treated as equal citizens with proper respect,” he added.

Dr Shahid Siddiqui further disclosed that free education will also be extended to the thousands of prisoners languishing inside the country’s jails. He informed the senate that more than one thousand inmates had secured admission during the current semester

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