Former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif is likely to travel for Lahore on 9th August 2017. As per latest schedule he will start tomorrow 9th August his journey from D-Choke Islamabad at 0900 Hours. In Islamabad and Rawalpindi the rout will be D-Choke-Blue Area, Faizabad, Murree road Rawalpindi, Kacharey Choke Rawalpindi and Rawat.

The journey of rally will take TWO Nights to reach Lahore. There are likely chances of:-

1. Deployment of extra ordinary police force.
2. Metro bus service between Rawalpindi to Islamabad may be suspended at 0900 to 1100 hours on 9 Aug 2017.
3. Shops and market on route of the rally may be closed.
4. Gathering of large number of people at Rawat, Dina, Jehlum, Kharian, Gujrat, Gujranwala and at entry point of Lahore.
5. Consider the recent security situation in Pakistan, terrorist attempt by Terrorist organization cannot be ignored.
6. It is announced that Nawaz Sharif will address the gathering at 10 to 12 locations while travelling, which may leads to traffic congestion/jam over motor way (M-2) and especially at Data Durbar.
7. There might be a situation that traffic going toward may held in traffic.
8. Mobile services may be suspended in the area near to GT road.

Foregoing above activity, all staff members are advised to:-

1. Reach office before 0830 hours to avoid any inconvenience on roads leading to office area.
2. All Staff member keep themselves away from widows etc.
3. All travel to on GT road should be avoided between 9 – 12 Aug 2017. Travel of M-2 is strongly recommended during rally period.
4. Staff are also advised to park their personal vehicles away from major routes.
5. No staff members should go outside of the office premises to watch the rally due to security reason.

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