Islamabad Rallies and Protests updates 8th to 12th December 2017

8th December : Religious parties planning to hold a protest near Aabpara junction after Friday prayers against U.S Embassy after Donald Trump statement on Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

Affected Roads: Aabpara Market, Melody Market, Sector G6, Kashmir highway, Serena Chowk & Embassy Road.

10th December: Religious parties will march from Peshawar towards D-Chowk, Jinnah Avenue for the demand of FATA merger with KPK.

Affected Roads: Motorway (M1), GT Road, Peshawar Road, Kashmir Highway, Golra Mor, Blue Area, Jinnah Avenue, Embassy Road & D-Chowk.

12th December: PTI will hold annual mega workers convention in the Convention Center. Activists rallies will come from all over the country.

Affected Routes: Motorway (M1, M2), GT Road, Kashmir Highway, Murree Road, Express Highway, Rawal Dam Chowk, Club Road, Serena Chowk, Embassy Road & Barakaho.

Security will remain on very high alert in the Red Zone vicinity during the above-mentioned events.


By Shaheryar Hassan 

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