Three deliciously exciting new flavor – which one will stay and which two will say goodbye, you have to decide through your votes. Three new flavors Pitch Black, Live Wire and Blue Shock are respectively black grape, sparkling orange and raspberry flavored slurpee.

Almost a month ago, Mountain Dew launched three new flavors in Pakistan as a part of Dewmocracy campaign. DEWmocracy is marketing promotions that involves Mountain Dew fans tasting and voting for new flavors, one of which will go on to become the next Flavor in the Mountain Dew line. Dewmocracy encourages the public to vote for their favorite flavor. The flavor that gets the maximum votes, will stay in the market and the rest two shall be taken away.

The campaign which massively inaugurated on the social media was further taken to an ultimate next level when Mountain Dew organized the first ever Electronic Music festival of Pakistan to officially launch the three flavors; the festival featured London’s Number Dance House ‘Ministry of Sound’ – which made headlines across the nation.

The latest promotional video clip elaborates the modes of communication through which public can cast their votes for their favorite flavor. Have you tasted the new flavors of Mountain Dew? If no, then do it right away and be a part of this fun campaign by simply voting for your favorite flavor. You can cast your vote through one of the four following interactive procedures.

1. Drop an SMS to vote for your flavor with its name; send it to 9300.

2. Tweeting with either of the hashtags: #VoteForPitchBlack #VoteForBlueShock #VoteForLiveWire

3. Visit Dewmocracy official Facebook page, vote for your favorite flavor by dropping a comment.

4. Vote by dropping a text on WhatsApp on 03216699994

The flavors are out for over a month and the one that performs the best — both online and in the real world — will become a permanent part of the Mountain Dew product line – Let’s see which one is that.

I am registering a vote for Live Wire – which one would you vote for?

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