Afghanis burning Pakistani Flag – Video

I don’t want to say a word because it would be offensive post and I don’t bare such nonsense from anyone OUTSIDERS, people still have hatred for the India but what would you call this. I am posting the video and the the link will keep you updated with Afghanis having problem with Pakistani Election and burning our national flag, Still do you consider them as friends ??

Students in Afghanistan protest on Wednesday after clashes on the contested border with Pakistan. In Pakistan, the death toll from attacks by the Taliban rises, as Islamists protest against the secular parties running for office. The parties, who were once bitter rivals, have supported each other’s bids to go to the polls despite Taliban threats

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Courtesy  The Guardian

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    • I can tell you situation before that when I visited afghanistan but the hatred for Pakistan was always there as there's sympathy for India can't change the fact

      • (no Pak Flag was burnt in Taliban era, 95% Afghanistan) bcoz we helped Taliban against Shumali Ittehad(communists/hazaras ally of Russia), thts why they are against Pakistan, also we gave US/NATO our Airbases to attack Afghanistan in 2001 in which they only killed innocents afghans still are, still Mullah Omer never said a single word of Hatred against Pakistan or our Army instead he, many times urged Pakistani Taliban to stop Fight/Attack against Pak Army and Pakistani Citizens and invited them to Afghanistan to fight against US/NATO, he knows wht Pakistan sacrificed for Afghanistan, again few People cant change that bond just by burning our Flag.


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