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Ansar Burney trust organize walk for forgiveness of 2 murderers

The family members of 2 murderers in Mirpur came in more than 20 vehicles including men, women and children walking the roads to ask for forgiveness of Muhammad Riaz and Muhammad Faiaz who are originally from Sarai Alamgir, Jhelum.

They started walking from Nangi to Chowk Shaheedan, people were holding play cards stating hadiths on forgiveness urging the pardon of Professor Raja Ghulam Rabbani whos son Muaz was killed in 2004 during a robbery.

People showed their concerns as they felt Professor Raja Ghulam Rabbani was pressured into dissolving the case of murder and expressed their view that this was not the way to gain sympathy and ask for forgiveness.

A request for mercy to former President of Azad Kashmir Raja Zulqurnain Khan was rejected.

The death sentence was to be carried out on the 20th of December but was postponed for 10 days on the orders of Sardar Yaqoob Khan as  the family of Muaz would settle the case.

Discussion of the murder among people came to conclusions that the Family should not raise slogans on the roads but however go to Professor Raja Ghulam Rabbanis home to settle the case stating that is not the way to come out against the courts as it is emotional blackmail for forgiveness.