ISLAMABAD: Chief Justice Supreme Court took suo motu notice of the murder of DSP Aurangzeb Khan’s son, Shahzeb Khan, on Tuesday. SC directed the relevant authorities to submit a report with respect to the case.

CJ ordered IG Sindh and Advocate General Sindh to personally present themselves in front of the Court on January 4 along with the entire investigation report on the case.

Almost a week has gone by and no arrests have yet been made with respect to the murder case. Authorities have cited immense political pressure as a hindrance towards carrying out the investigation.Peaceful_Protest

Shahzeb was allegedly murdered by Shahrukh Jatoi within the Defence area when bullets were haphazardly sprayed on his car.

According to sources, the incident occurred following an argument between Nawab Siraj Talpur and Shahzeb Khan in which the latter’s sister was verbally harrased by the former’s servant.

Consequentially, Talpur and Jatoi followed Shahzeb and later shot him down by spraying bullets at his car.

According to reports, the two main accused within the case, Talpur and Jatoi, later fled off to Interior Sindh and have avoided arrest – thanks to police insider information being conveyed to them before the arrest.

According to Shahzeb’s father Aurangzeb, immense political pressure has been asserted onto the police and it was PPP’s Nabil Gabol’s (Shahzeb’s uncle) interception which led to lodging the FIR in the first place.

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