Classified Ad in Dawn News Papers : Height of Sickness

The respect of the women in our society has gone lower next to none, totally, imagine the if your daugther, wife, sister, mother applies for this than ?  This ad in  Dawn News papers shows the height of sickness. I think before publishing each News Papers double checks but than again if certain classified ad is getting published that literally Dawn Lost the respect.


I don’t think I need to say much when everything is mentioned there clearly stated and well chosen words – ANYTHING – EVERYTHING – LONG HOURS – KEEP MD PLEASED – RELAXED. I seriously don’t care about the reaction on my abusing these retarded bastards, one who given and the other who published for the sake of money, They are representing our society.

This classified ad is totally inappropriate, condemn-able and should be taken in consideration, Electronic media has already wiped off our cultural morals and ethics and now NEWS PAPERS. Shame on them for publishing such ad.

Farhan Imaan F.Abro

No Offense but I have no respect for such retards.

” My Personal Message is THIS IS Pakistan not Tharkistan “

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