Dual Policy on Drone, No More Says PM : Sharif

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif said in categorical terms on Monday that the dual policy of issuing public statements against drone attacks while (secretly) giving a go ahead to the US to carry on with the strikes will not be allowed to continue under his rule.

“The US government will also have to respect the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Pakistan,” Nawaz Sharif said while addressing the maiden Cabinet meeting of the newly elected government.

The Premier said all the stakeholders will be consulted in formulating a policy in connection with the US-led drone strikes.

Earlier, during the meeting, the prime minister made it clear that corruption would not be tolerated and also stressed that the issue of loadshedding would be resolved. Prime Minister Sharif said he worked for the interest of the country and not for his own.

The prime minister also issued a warning to his federal ministers, telling them that their performance would be evaluated every three months. Prime Minister Sharif also directed the Federal Cabinet to chalk out its priorities and prepare an action plan within 15 days to overcome challenges faced by the country.

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