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Electricity Tariff

Electricity Tariff in Pakistan

Islamabad — The National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) on Friday slashed electricity tariff by Rs. 2.97 per unit in lieu of fuel adjustment for month of November, Pakistan Tribune reported.

The reduced rates will be applicable from January 1.

The decision was made in a meeting which held under the chair of NEPRA chairman Brigadier (retd) Tariq Saduzai to hear the petition filed by Central Power Purchasing Agency (CPPA) seeking reduction in per unit electricity prices.

The consumers will get relief of Rs17 billion on the electricity bills in January. The notification of reduction in power tariff has been issued by NEPRA.

The reduced rates are for the consumers of all power distributing companies barring K-Electric, which was privatized by the government in 2005, retaining around 26% stake and transferring 71% to a foreign consortium.

The latest relief is also not for the residential customers using upto 50 units per month.

During the hearing yesterday, CPPA representative said that overall 655 Gigawatt Hour (GWh) electricity was generated in the November at cost of Rs 28,576.91 million. It said that after transmission losses and sale to Independent Power Plants (IPPs), 6,534 GWh was provided to three government owned power distribution companies (DISCOs).

CPPA official contended that the fuel cost on the electricity generated was Rs4.49 per unit while the cost of reference fuel charge was fixed at Rs7.41. He said as compared to October, the 1,660 GWh less electricity was generated on farnes oil and High Speed Deiseal (HSD).

CPPA official said that the fuel cost on the electricity generated with farnes oil in October was Rs15.64 while in November it was Rs13.85.

Approving CPPA’s petition, NEPRA chairman approved reduction in power tariff.

Last month, NEPRA had also slashed the electricity tariff by Rs0.47 paisas per unit in lieu of fuel adjustment for month of October.

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For the domestic consumers having ‘Time of Use’ meters the price could be increased by Rs4 per unit in peak hours. Water and Power ministry sources said that the recent hike in the Electricity Tariff will help government to generate revenue from the consumers and slash subsidy. It is pertinent to mention that hike in Electricity Tariff is one of the preconditions of the loan deal the government hammered out with the International Monitory Fund (IMF).




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