FATA & KP journalists Demand release of journalist, detained by security forces

A meeting at Bannu Press club with Selab Mehsud (Founder of Tribal Union Journalist) in chair and well attend by South,North Waziristan, FR Tank and Bannu Journalists held here on Monday.
The meeting was convened regarding the arrest of  Nasru Minallah, an Express media Group Reporter from FATA North Waziristan agency. He was detained by security forces on 31 March from FR Bannu. When he was on the way to NWA (Kajori check post) with the group of journalists for the IDPs repatriation coverage.
Journalists addressed the meeting and passed a resolution unanimously demanding of the Govt and State Security Agency immediate release of the detained journalist, and condemned the act and said if he was not released, than they will announce their strategy for protest movement they also condemn the organization silence stance on their reporter, mentioned Umar Daraz Wazir, Noor Behram and Rasool Dawar were also detained in the same way add the Govt and State security agencies should tell us their Crimes and then arrest them if it is a crime in real.
It is highly condemnable and he should be freed immediately. This is unfair to arrest a journalist without giving any charges and this an attack on the freedom of press. All trade unions of journalists should take up this issue with full force, boycotting government functions and parliamentary proceedings. Says Haq Nawaz Khan.
while in Islamabad Pakistan Federal Union of Journalists (PFUJ) has demanded immediate release of Nasru Minallah, The Express Tribune correspondent, who has been allegedly detained by security agencies.

The PFUJ said in a statement that Minallah and his family have been among the IDPs and were detained when while returning to their home in Miran Shah.
They statement said the journalist’s father who is a correspondent for Dawn and other family members were released later but Minallah was shifted to an unknown location.
“Minallah is still in custody of the security agencies and journalists organizations are making all out efforts to get him released,” the statement said.
Journalists have been supporting the fight against terrorists and have sacrificed a number of lives for the cause; so detaining a journalist is a great concern for the union, it said.
The unions of journalists throughout the country have demand immediate release of the detained journalist.

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