The Hike in fuel price is something benefits the Government, putting more burden on Pakistanis prices finally implemented and the changes Rs 2.66 per litre hike in petrol price. The summary has been approved. The government approved a Rs 2.66 raise in price of petrol; Rs 3.66 high speed diesel; Rs 3.04 light speed diesel; Rs 2.50 kerosene oil; and Rs 2.36 high octane. The new per litre price of petrol is Rs 102.43; high speed diesel Rs 92.17; kerosene oil Rs 90.29 and high octane Rs 126.77. The ministry has also approved a raise in compressed natural gas (CNG) prices; following a 9 percent increase in General Sales Tax (GST) on the commodity.

The CNG price in Region 1 (Potohar, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Balochistan) has been increased by Rs 2.54 to Rs 75.48 per kg. On the other hand, CNG price in Region II (Sindh and Punjab) has been raised by Rs 1.85, after which new price will be Rs 66.75 per kg.

Not so long ago KSA offered a free fuel for a year to Pakistan, which means our Government could have saved people from this misery but they did not – No Mercy !

At times talks about hiking the CNG prices over the petrol and by keeping mind diverted changes the parameters and attributes is very common tactics in the history of Pakistan, until and unless there no awareness of civil sense, because in Asian market fuel prices has been downgraded but we are not in asia nor in the world for sure but Pakistan exists in some other universe for sure.

Now enjoy the new prices and watch  THE OGRA — Anaconda — might show up again anytime and they raise the prices of CNG , fuel or anything they want, keep living with the fear rather than demanding Government for an explanation – Miracles don’t happens in Pakistan .




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