List of Pakistanis injured in Makkah Crane Crash

24 Pakistanis were injured in the crane crash, taking place on Friday in Haram Sharif, Makkah Mukarramah, that left total 107 people dead and 238 injured.

The tragic incident took place as a crane installed at the under-constructed building, fell down hitting the pilgrims.

The Embassy of Pakistan in Saudi Arabia on Saturday issued a list of all 24 Pakistani pilgrims who got injured.

Following is the list containing names, passport number and nature of the injuries to them besides the names of the hospital where they were being treated.

Al-Noor Specialist Hospital, Makkah Mukarramah

Sr: No      Patients Name                                                    Passport No Diagnosis

1     Saifullah Jan S/O Noor Muhammad                DN8797081   Fracture left fore arm
2     Ziaullah S/O Saifullah Jan                                 HD2748401   Fracture Right tibia and fibula
3     Ghulam Zuhera W/O Ali Afsar                          HF5127131   Fracture left fore arm
4     Allah Bux S/O Abdul Rehman                          AX0202131   Head Injury
5     Abid Hussain S/o M. Khan                               DK6897933   Chest trauma
6     Amanullah S/O M. Raza                                   CR4138031   Amputation Right arm
7     Abdul Haq S/O Abdul Rehman                       AL6393412   Fracture neck of femur(Right)

King Faisal Al- Shisha Hospital, Makkah Mukarramah         

8     Sakina Jan w/o Khair Zaman                         FE8797611   Bone fracture (L) Arm
9     Imam Safdar w/o Sangeen Khan                  CH5577901   Fracture Both legs
10    Ambaro Bibi w/o Imam Safdar                    DR3104541   Fracture (L)Foot
11    Tajraha S/O Abdur Rasheed                           AA7520131   Fracture Both legs  below knee
12    Naveed Zahra w/o Mumtaz Mirza                GD5120871   Nasal injury

Al-Zahir Hospital, Makkah Mukarramah                 

13    Rukhsana Arshad w/o Arshad M.                  DV1915271   Fracture (L) Fumerus
14    Sadaqat Begum w/o Anwar Ullah                  JU3958821   Poly Trauma
15    Zahid Shah S/O Kachkool                              BY5151891   Fracture (L) Ankle
16    Qadir Gul S/O Noor Gul                                XK1159042   Fracture left wrist

Pakistan Hajj Medical Mission Hospital Holy Makkah         

17    Asia Bibi w/o M. Kamran                              WZ3094961   Deep laceration on skull

King Abdul Aziz, Hospital. Makkah Mukarramah               

18    Asghar Khan, Quetta.
19    Bakh Mali Khan, Kohat.
20    Zahid Shah , Peshawar.
21    Zareena Parveen, Karachi.
22    Rukhsana Bibi, Peshawar.
23    Tasleem Ahmad, Karachi.
24    Muhammad Farooq, Gujrat.

15 Pakistanis martyr in Makkah crane crash

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