Metropolitan Police has Imposed temporary restriction on the speeches of Altaf Hussain

Today Altaf Hussain again appeared on the Pakistani News Channels while London police is flooded with complaints against Altaf’s statements. Altaf’s today’s speech was also quite shocking one. He called all the Pakistani Anchors “Barking Dogs”., But here we have a good News.
London’s Metropolitan Police has imposed temporary restriction on the speeches of MQM Chief Altaf Hussain. After thousands of complaints was registered in Metropolitan Police by Pakistanis from around the world. Even, Today British High Commissioner gave a speech about Altaf Hussain hatred spreading and Anti Pakistan Speeches. Now It is a questioning situation for all the Pakistani Leader, Why haven’t they condemned Altaf Hussain’s speech. A foreign British High Commissioner is concerned about Altaf Hussain’s speech against Pakistan and Pakistanis. Our Politicians, Leaders, Justice Department and Army are still sleeping. Now, all the credit goes to us, we “Pakistanis”, for waking up the authorities in UK. Well, It’s pretty hard to give a wake up call to Pakistani Authorities. Thanks to Allah Almighty and London Metropolitan Police for taking actions against Altaf Hussain. They complaint phone was kept ringing 24/7.
Hats off to all the Pakistanis!

Metropolitan Police has written a letter to Pakistan Embassy and mentioned that Altaf Hussain cannot challenge the sovereignty and self-sufficienc­y of any country.

It is further stated in the letter that if Pakistani Embassy could submit video of Altaf Hussain as a proof to Metropolitan Police then strict action can be taken against him.

Change doesn’t come when a leader calls for it. Change comes when we all stand together as #OneNation . The day we realize that our love for Pakistan is way past our geographical differences. Today we are proud that wherever we are going we are not seeing Punjabi, Sindhi, Balochi, or Pathan – we are meeting Pakistanis Alhumdulillah!

This is the result of all your efforts. Let’s take it a up a notch. Together we can!


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