National Assembly committee approves death penalty and life imprisonment for child rapists

ISLAMABAD: The NA Standing Committee on Interior has approved the Criminal Law (Amendment) Bill 2014.

According to the details, the session of the NA Standing Committee on Interior was chaired by Rana Shamim in Islamabad today.

A National Assembly committee on Tuesday approved the punishment of life imprisonment and death penalty for child rapists.

The bill has been approved by the National Assembly’s Standing Committee on Interior, and will now be forwarded to the National assembly for approval.

The bill was moved by MNA Shaista Pervez of PML-N, and was passed unanimously

“It is a historic legislation which will ensure protection of children from sexual abuse,” said Pervez.

The legislation states that whoever commits an offence under sub-section (1) of Section 376 against a girl when she is under 14 years of age is liable to be punished with life imprisonment or the death penalty.

The bill states that convicted child abuser will be sentenced to death or put behind bars for life. Any person who reveals identity of the victim will face two-year imprisonment and Rs 25,000 fine will be imposed if no medical treatment is provided to the affected child.

Negligent police officers in the child abuse cases would also be jailed for six months to twenty-four months. The bill will now be presented in the National Assembly for approval.

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