Pakistan Celebrated Blackout night countrywide

There is no official statement what it exactly was and the way people responding I have no doubt that Pakistani Nation is representing Grave Yard nothing else! entire country breakdowns Darkness everywhere no sign of Electricity in whole wide Country ??? for 10 to 22 Hours and today It was like no issue dude ! it’s Pakistan get use to of it. If we aren’t going to be the one to ask the questions, how the hell these electives gonna answer? If it was just another breakdown for you than I seriously suggest you to get yourself treated.

The way I posted this Image ! I guess this makes the perfect sense ! rather than posting the Images …………………but damn it was horrible ! first the initial information which received said, Fire erupts at a sub grid station at Power House (North Karachi). Electric supply is suspended all over Karachi. It was just till the time I shared it on the twitter that I found that it’s not Just Karachi but Punjab as well.

Breaking News, National Grid Station Collapsed, Terbaila, Mangla, Hab Power stations tripped. No electricity in almost the whole country.

Later the reports came from various cities and towns those who were able to tweet and stay connected after the long lost electric breakdown !

Second news was ” Terbela and Mangla Dam Power Plant tripped, after which it was confirmed that National Grid has tripped but all together makes no sense at all, this outrage continued through out the night and it was the Black out night here in Pakistan.

Romors that Army’s coup is taking place but why would they shut down the power instead of Cable and Media Channels? eventually there was no such thing as that.


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These are the answers by the members.

Zain Ali Ji bolain. Any ORIGINAL news?

Syed Muhammad Danish Iqbal Thanks GOD that weather is very good these dayz, so no problem in the night

Syed Muhammad Danish Iqbal yes, this seems to be intriguing point, how can all the power houses and grid stations fail at once this shows lack of contingent planning and lack of professionalism.

Mohammad Asad i activated my night mode app :p

Fawad Khan Power went out last night at about 12 at my place in Lahore. Came for an hour or so in the morning and again vanished. Then it came back just now at 7pm at night. Don’t know how they claim they didn’t let it spread wide.. 😛

Ali Hasnain i was in the “Dream World” at that time …….so didn’t notice !!

Sumair Ali lolxxxxxxx…… i was using my PC. and suddenly the voltage start getting lower and had to switch pc off suddenly from the power socket.
From saturday night when it rained heavily with thunder,,, the main power line of our area had some problems and then had been replaced few hours before this power clash yesterday.
Had a lot of problem with no water and electricity.
Still there is no electricity……. while using my laptop.
today there was no light all the day. Still love my country. Long Live Pakistan. Love you all.


Unfortunately 80% of the users weren’t online to comment to this post will be revised back again with updated information and comments but the actual point is HUBCO tripped due to no matter what reason, that’s none of my business but Terbela and Mangla Dam Power Plant tripped that’s something which isn’t usual at all, how the hell all were interconnected and ENTIRE PAKISTAN? would you call it Co-incidence ?

what was happening at the back end I seriously have no idea neither I believed in News because it was all Fake useless and pointless as Sharing Is Caring Admin Aleem Ashraf said feels like I am in Stone age Yes ! that’s how everyone felt in actual.

There should be some reason which makes logic until the previous post which I quoted from other News Sources for all, filled up with the lies.

Indeed we are trying to discuss national issues on the INCPak since it’s the Voice of the people and Pakistanis no matter what world says they are the best funny, loving, caring and fine humor hitters in the world, Long Live Pakistan !

Still I am digging the grave of last night incident which took place and yet there is no authentic explanation about it, what to call it? HELP ME OUT

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Farhan Imaan

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