Pakistani nation been April fooled in January’s Long March

Islamabad, Long March – Party is over folks – go home now.. Yes that’s it, Torture-ul-Comedy shook hand with the Ex-Government Officials hugged them and finalized the matters, what a drama it was?

For 4 days everyone was glued to their TV and Internet ( Social Circus – Facebook / Twitter ) trolls were about Qadri and the long march finally came to an end. Well I wasn’t inspired by this Comedians speech but I laugh out lot ! specially when the deal was getting finalized and electricity breaks down that was funniest moment to see on the mobile torch-light, the destiny of the people was being signed.

what was it all about, does anyone has idea of the financial loss and specially when you go and read the news on Indian sites about this Long March, kindly read the comments, mostly are offensive but outside what sees us that way.

Elections were supposed to be called with in a month or so, It was Election Commission of Pakistan’s duty meanwhile hard 5 years old baby democracy moved in the wilderness but out of no where Mr.Qadri pops up and trying to be the National Hero the savior of Pakistan and Islam, I seriously don’t get what has gone wrong with the people but majority did not participated than again our image is potrayed just exactly as you can imagine, Pakistan Like no other……

He been calling Rehman Malik, Shaitan Malik and his own colleagues came and finalized the deal in the same container? what happened eventually?????  NOTHING

Imran Khan ( PTI ) and Nawaz Sharif ( PML-N) both stayed off this long march in January and I personally appreciate PTI on that, thou mostly of the supporters were disappointed but senior leadership made the right decision on the right time Not to join him.

Winter weather night cold as 4C degree and last day it even rained? it was painful of even see how one can play with human lives ( This Nation ) openly, already threats of  TTP were there but then again people stood up stayed out in the cold, but been fooled once again, like always.

To Make Pakistan better and stronger, I think Unity first and who so ever opens his mouth shouldn’t mention highly respectable religious figures, Qadri has no authority to violate and misuse the Islamic history for his dirty deeds in the name of Islam? I strongly condemn his acts specially when he mentioned and referred ! as a religious scholar I think he’s senseless and totally brainless person – No offense I am not getting paid by any crooks so I will talk openly.

Now people’s expectation are still with Qadri? Have Mercy, wait for the ECP and Government to call elections rest somebody send this clown back to Canada please.

Before I end here’s something for all of you to understand

Grave political issues cannot be settled by the cult of the knife, or by gangsterism. There are parties and parties, but the difference between them cannot be resolved by attacks on Party leaders. Nor can political views by altered by the threats of violence.
(Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah Eid message, October 1943)


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