Pakistan’s Elections Result The Blame Game On Social Networking Sites

Since yesterday after the results of elections were started to announce on the T.V Channels, Some of PTI supports got out of control and started blaming the whole nation on social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook etc. Where many said

“On a serious note – Pathano ko aiwein pagal kehtay rehtay thay, punjab say zyada aqalmand niklay.”

“The awkward moment when People of Pakhtunkhwa are more sensible than of Punjab.”

PMLN’s supporter also took a part in it and supported their leaders.

So, PMLN wins – but why are people out there bashing each other? That’s exactly what I dislike about us as Pakistanis – Yes, hats off to our Pathan brothers for doing the right thing! But why is there so much bashing going on against the Sindhis,Balochis and the Punjabis? The Sindhis went out to vote for Imran Khan in areas strictly controlled by MQM, the Balochis went against the feudals to vote for IK, likewise lots of Punjabis went out to vote for IK as well. Yes, we know many folks still voted for PMLN but I think people who were expecting a clean sweep based on the Jalsas done need a reality check. Nawaz Sharif has been in the game of politics since Zia Ul Haq brought him in and that dates back to the 80’s. He comes from a financially and politically strong & experienced background of Feudals and he has been ruling Punjab for more than 2 decades now.
elections 2013
It isn’t going to be a piece of cake to get rid of him. Plus his party is a vivid supporter of the banned terrorist organizations SS, LJ, and TTP – he’s got his victory planned in the most unthinkable way that you can imagine + Most importantly HOW can we expect Fair elections to take place when the ECP allowed tons of people to stand in for candidacy when they weren’t even eligible to! They did not fulfill the basic requirements like having a verified educational degree, they had charges against corruption and yet they were still ALLOWED to participate in the elections. There’s no freaking way Imran Khan could have won despite having tons of followers while this feudal system still exists within the country. However, now that the worse has been slapped at us – we as Pakistanis SHOULD NOT get divided and fall apart. We need to be more tolerant of each other, think clearly, not be fooled over and over again and MOST importantly stand united as Pakistanis in order to save Pakistan. In a crucial time like this, falling apart as secular regional groups is the last thing we need.

May Allah(swt) bless Pakistan with peace and unity.

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